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10 Classic Microsoft Windows Games, Ranked By Difficulty

As a gaming platform, Microsoft Windows is a treasure trove of various official triple-A games like Elden Ring and indie releases such as Hades ⁠- all of which will surely keep gamers busy for hours on end. Apart from releases from big game studios, PCs that run on Microsoft Windows also come preloaded with games.

The games that come with a Microsoft Windows PC are not as advanced in gameplay, graphics, and narrative as official games from big studios, but despite that, they’re still a great source of entertainment. From the interactive Purble Place to the strategy-based Minesweeper, the classic games found on Microsoft Windows vary in difficulty.


10 Purble Place

Microsoft Windows Purble Place-1

Purble Place has been introduced to Windows users after the release of Windows Vista. What’s neat about Purble Place is that it has a selection of mini-games that vary in difficulty and gameplay.

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The first mini-game is Purble Pairs, which is where gamers are required to correctly match Purble characters. Another is Comfy Cakes, where the gamer has fun creating and decorating cakes. And lastly, Purble Shop, where gamers dress up a Purble characters. It’s a fun game that’s mostly targeted toward children, but even adults will have fun with it.

9 Minesweeper

Microsoft windows minesweeper

One of the most recognizable Microsoft Windows games is Minesweeper. First released in 1990, the puzzle game sees the player carefully traverse a grid and avoid triggering any mines. The player will have to use logic in order to figure out where the mines are hidden and effectively clear the grid.

The simple gameplay has been well-enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The difficulty can be easily adjusted by increasing the number of mines in the grid, but it’s a game that’s not at all challenging as the clues are essentially spoon-fed to gamers.

8 FreeCell

A screenshot of Microsoft Windows FreeCell

FreeCell has been included in Microsoft Window’s roster of games since 1990. It’s a single-player card game that’s very similar to Solitaire, another card game that comes preloaded in the OS. The game is played by having the gamers move cards into four ascending foundation stacks.

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But unlike Solitaire, the player is given the option to temporarily store their unusable cards in four open free cells. This makes the game easier to complete than other card games. However, gamers still need to be smart regarding where they place the cards as they can lose if they’re unable to make any more moves.

7 Solitaire

Gameplay of Solitaire

The Microsft Windows system is known for harboring quite a number of card games, which include card-based games found on Steam, as well as the ever-popular Solitaire. To play the game, gamers are given a standard deck of playing cards and are tasked with sorting the cards into four stacks that follow every suit and rank.

The gamers have to be careful when trying to complete the game and make critical decisions regarding when they should move a card. Solitaire is a relatively easy game that guarantees the success of a player as long as they make strategic decisions.

6 Pinball

Pinball on Microsoft Windows

Pinball is a classic computer game that has been associated with Microsoft’s operating system for decades now. It’s a single-player game that allows gamers to try their hand at a virtual pinball machine that comes with bumpers, flippers, and springs.

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Pinball has been well-loved by Windows users due to its realistic simulation of actual pinball gameplay, which means that it’s also as challenging as the real thing. In order to win, gamers need to garner high scores by activating features on the table and hitting targets.

5 Hearts

Hearts on Microsoft Windows

Unlike deckbuilding video games like Core Worlds and Clank!, Hearts is a card game that has a very simple premise. The game can be played by up to four players and needs gamers to score as few points as they possibly can. This can be done by avoiding specific cards and winning tricks, which happens when a gamer plays the highest card of the suit that is led.

Even when playing with computer AI, Hearts is still a very challenging game that requires players to have superb decision-making skills. If a player garners the lowest score at the end of 13 rounds, then they’ll win the game.

4 Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire on Microsoft Windows

One of the more challenging digital card games found on Microsoft Windows is Spider Solitaire. In the game, players are required to move cards from a tableau to foundation piles. The game includes two decks of playing cards and gamers are required to build down the cards in alternating colors and descending order.

To win the game, players must successfully move all cards to the foundation piles. Its addictive gameplay and difficulty make it a challenging game to play on the popular OS. To win it, gamers should be patient and careful in moving the cards.

3 MahJong

Mahjong on Microsoft Windows

The origins of the board game MahJong can be traced back to China. The game has been played for over a thousand years, and today, gamers can easily try their hand at the strategy game since it comes preloaded on Microsoft Windows PCs.

To win the tile-based game, players will have to match and remove pairs of it from a set pattern. The AI enemy can create a very challenging game for players who feel that the game is too easy. It’s a great game that will force players to stretch their brains and use critical thinking.

2 Chess

Chess Microsoft Windows-1

Users of Microsoft Windows PCs will be delighted to learn that they can play the beloved board game Chess on their computers. The gameplay of Chess involves two players strategically moving various pieces across a board.

To win the game, gamers must use logic and strategy in order to capture their opponent’s king. Chess is a very extensive game involving specific strategies and openings that can help secure a player’s win. The AI in Microsoft Windows’ Chess can whip up a very difficult game for players if they wish so.

1 Backgammon

Backgammon Microsoft Windows-1

The ancient Mesopotamian game Backgammon can be enjoyed by people today who use Microsoft Windows PCs. The challenging but classic board game sees players move their pieces around a board and try their best to be the first player to complete their home board.

The game has complex and deep gameplay that encourages players to think critically and be careful with their movements. There’s also an added aspect of chance in the game, as players need to roll dice in order to determine their moves, greatly heightening the difficulty of the game.


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