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10 DC Characters Black Adam Could Beat In A Fight

Black Adam has proven to be a smash hit for fans and moviegoers around the world, earning over $258 million at the box office (via Box Office Mojo). While the movie introduced the eponymous anti-hero, it also saw several other DCU characters try to take him on, including, JSA members Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone.

While there are some heroes and villains that would have a pretty easy time battling against Black Adam, unfortunately, the members of the JSA were not one of them. It probably didn’t come as much of a surprise to Black Adam’s fans either since he has insurmountable powers that would make it a hard feat to accomplish for even the most skilled DC heroes.


Green Arrow

Green Arrow is, more or less, the best archer in the entire DC Universe. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the tools needed to take down a powerhouse like Black Adam.

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Given that Green Arrow has no powers, just a quiver full of arrows, it’s unlikely that he could defeat someone as strong as Black Adam. While he does have a lot of tenacity and ingenuity, it’s simply not enough in this instance. Black Adam’s attacks are too fast and too powerful for someone without superpowers or any fancy gear other than special arrows to withstand for very long.

NightwingNightwing charges at a thug in DC Comics

Batman’s first protégé, Nightwing, has faced down many villains in several iconic comic book storylines. However, Black Adam is, once again, too powerful for someone like Nightwing to be able to defeat.

While Nightwing shares many traits with Batman and has been shown to both think like him and have just the right tools for every fight, there’s not much that Nightwing can do or access to take down Black Adam (especially since there are few weaknesses he has that he can exploit). The battle may take longer than expected, but in the end, Nightwing’s fighting skills and gadgets can only keep him going for so long.

Black CanaryBlack Canary's using her canary cry in the DC Comics

Black Canary’s Canary Cry is her best weapon of attack against her foes, and while it’s strong, it wouldn’t be enough to stop Black Adam.

With Black Adam being able to travel much faster than sound, it would be easy for him to dodge Black Canary’s sonic attacks. While Black Canary is also highly trained in multiple forms of martial arts, Black Adam has far more fighting experience given how much longer he’s lived. Combine that with his massive strength levels, and Black Canary stands no chance against him.

StarfireAn image of Starfire looking serious in the DC Comics

Many know Starfire as one of the best characters from the Teen Titans cartoon. But despite her immense power, it’s still not enough to take down Black Adam.

Starfire is incredibly strong and durable enough to survive the vacuum of space. Combined with her Starbolts, she’s a pretty big threat. But Black Adam has proven himself to be both stronger and faster thanks to his pantheon of gods granting him his power. The battle would be mostly evenly matched, but in the end, Black Adam’s superior, unlimited stamina means he can last longer in battle than Starfire can, giving him the edge.

Gorilla GroddGorilla Grodd reaching out to the reader, as seen in DC Comics

Gorilla Grodd has two big powers that make him a threat: his immense strength and his mind control. Unfortunately for this villain, Black Adam can counter both.

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Black Adam has easily proven himself far superior to most characters in strength, including Gorilla Grodd. While he’s not completely immune to mind control, Black Adam has been able to resist mental attacks like that from the likes of Martian Manhunter. Being able to counter everything Grodd can throw at him means that the gorilla can’t possibly win against him.

AquamanAquaman cover

Aquaman has beaten a lot of powerful characters in his long history. But the King of Atlantis would have a very difficult time matching Black Adam in battle.

It’s worth noting that Aquaman is at his strongest in the water. However, Black Adam’s country of Kahndaq has been noted as landlocked, meaning Aquaman is not at his full potential. This puts the two on a more even playing field, and while Aquaman’s strength is about the same as his, Black Adam has far superior speed on land as well as fighting skills, being able to keep up in hand-to-hand combat to Batman himself. It’s a close fight, but Aquaman still falls in a fight with Kahndaq’s protector.

HawkgirlBlack Adam Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl is easily one of the most ferocious members of the Justice League, but pure ferocity can only take someone so far – especially when fighting someone like Black Adam.

Hawkgirl’s Nth metal mace certainly gives her some points, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s just not strong enough to take on someone at Black Adam’s level.

While she has knowledge gained from her past reincarnations, even that’s not enough to stop someone as strong and fast as Black Adam. Hawkgirl may put up a good fight, much like her male counterpart, Hawkman, but overall, Black Adam just overwhelms her with raw power.

CyborgThe cover of Cyborg (2015) #1.

Cyborg has plenty of technological abilities that can give him the edge, but, once again, he can’t match the raw power that Black Adam can bring to the table.

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While Cyborg’s body is resistant to many forms of attacks, it is still vulnerable to magic. Black Adam’s lightning, while still lighting, is magic, meaning that Cyborg’s body wouldn’t stand up for long against its full power. True, Cyborg does have a lot of offensive and defensive weapons, including a force field, but these can only serve to delay the inevitable, as Cyborg himself possess no feasible way to take Black Adam down for good.

DeathstrokeScott Eastwood playing Deathstroke in Suicide Squad?

Deathstroke would make a great villain for a sequel to The Batman, but he’s no match for someone as powerful as Black Adam.

Deathstroke has proven to be a worthy foe for Batman and many other heroes, and has a large arsenal to assist him in his missions. However, these weapons aren’t going to be able to do anything to Black Adam. Even Deathstroke’s healing factor can only hold up to so much, and won’t be able to heal him from being completely vaporized – something that Black Adam is more than capable of doing.

BaneBane rampaging in DC Comics

Bane is a tenacious and brutal foe, but his biggest weakness means that he has no shot to defeat Black Adam.

Bane’s immense strength relies on his supply of Venom, which enhances his strength tenfold. However, should his supply of Venom into his body be cut, he reverts back to a weak state. Black Adam can easily figure this out, and given how much faster and stronger he is, it wouldn’t take him long to cut Bane’s Venom tubes and end the fight.

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