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10 Hilarious Fan Reactions To The Bachelor Finale Losing Sound

The Bachelor season 27 finale left some fans shocked, but not because of Zach Shallcross’s final choice; instead, viewers were reeling about a technical issue that left the broadcast without sound for a stretch of time in the show’s first hour. With Zach taking his final two women on their last dates, as well as to meet his family, Bachelor Nation waited with bated breath to see just who the undecided star would choose. During Gabi Elnicki’s final date with Zach, the broadcast experienced some issues that left viewers without sound, and confused as to what exactly was happening.

For roughly five minutes of Zach and Gabi’s date, viewers were without sound or closed captioning entirely, trying to read lips to the best of their abilities to figure out what was going on. By the time the broadcast finally got the sound situation under control, fans had already taken to social media. Still, The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer addressed the situation, explaining, “Apologies for the technical difficulties earlier, but we are back on track now and don’t worry because you didn’t miss anything except another shot of Zach in the shower and there are plenty more to come.” The damage, unfortunately, had already been done and made for hilarious fan reactions.

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Twitter user kathleen_hanley quickly posted one of the most relatable memes of the night when the sound cut out during The Bachelor. They shared an image of someone trying to angle their remote correctly at the TV, a struggle everyone has likely dealt with, and captioned it with a hilarious tweet. The struggle was real as Bachelor Nation tried to get their sound back on, not realizing there was a larger issue at play.

9 TheBachBabes Wondered If The Bachelor Sound Was Cut On Purpose

Bachelor Nation regulars, TheBachBabes, very quickly wondered if the show’s production team was in on the sound snafu. As some fans were taking to social media to complain about The Bachelor’s lack of drama, the sound cut out, and it felt a little too coincidental to actually be a coincidence. The popular account took to their Twitter to make the joke, which might have a bit of truth to it.

8 The Bachelor Fan ImoffValerie Uses The Perfect Reaction Photo

Twitter user ImoffValerie, a regular viewer of The Bachelor who often shares their thoughts on the episodes while they’re airing, took to the social media platform to share the perfect reaction photo, summing up everyone’s feelings on the sound issue. With The Bachelor finally showing some interesting conversation between Zach and Gabi, the sound dipping out was hilariously timed. Viewers like Valerie had been waiting to hear the couple talk about their issues all season, so the timing was both dreadful and hilarious at the same time.

7 LFerut4 Assumes The Bachelor Production Is Panicking

Another Twitter user, LFerut4, used the perfect reaction image, as they mentioned just exactly how the production team must have been feeling at the moment. If the sound cutting out wasn’t intentional like some believe it to be, The Bachelor’s producers and sound team were likely panicking to try and get everything fixed as quickly as possible. With the internet quick to jump onto social media and voice their opinions, they had to work quickly, but were likely still panicking behind the scenes.

6 KatrinaNesbit Used The Bachelorette To Roast The Bachelor

Twitter user KatrinaNesbit used a familiar reaction image from The Bachelorette in order to make fun of The Bachelor. During the technical issue, fans were quick to hop online and post their reaction, but Katrina’s is hilarious because it uses The Bachelorette season 17’s Justin Glaze. Justin, whose expression in the screenshot Katrina used is hilarious, is well known for his many facial expressions.

5 WGRPodcast Casts Blame On An Imaginary The Bachelor Intern

The Twitter account for a popular podcast, Wine Glasses & Roses, decided to take their roast of the sound issue one step further and blame it on an imaginary intern on The Bachelor’s production team. Blaming “the intern” is a popular way to roast a production online, putting the issue on the most inexperienced team member in order to take it away from someone higher up who may have made a mistake. WGRpodcast shared a hilarious meme of an entire stove setup on fire with someone standing in front of it in confusion, implying that “the intern” had caused the problem in their initial reaction.

4 Realitybysteph Makes A Dig At The Bachelor’s Casting

Twitter user realitysteph used the technical snafu as a way to poke fun at The Bachelor‘s longtime casting issues. In her tweet, they implied that maybe if someone else had been cast as the lead of the show initially, like The Bachelorette season 18’s Rodney Matthews, this wouldn’t be happening to the sound. This further implies that the sound was cut purposefully because the content is too boring to air in the first place.

3 Tvgoldtweets Focuses On The Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer

Twitter user tvgoldtweets was quick to focus on The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer, who looked incredibly stressed during some candid shots of the finale. The camera panned in on Jesse at a moment when he clearly wasn’t focused on hosting the show, but watching the finale back in the studio with the live audience. Jesse, who looks to be focused and thinking hard, seems to be stressed about the sound issues, and the fan took the opportunity to poke fun at him because of it.

2 Freddiesroomate Brings Up Former The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison’s Potential Involvement

Twitter user Freddiesroomate hilariously attributes the sound drama back to former The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who left the franchise after some drama surrounding his support of a contestant’s troubled behavior prior to the show. While Chris is no longer a part of Bachelor Nation, fans speak of him often and paint him as a villainous character who’s looking to get his coveted hosting gig back. The post jokingly implies that Chris planned to cut the sound during the finale, enacting his ultimate revenge on The Bachelor.

1 KristinL_Miller Uses A Classic Meme To Explain The Bachelor Situation

One of the most classic reaction memes comes from the show Community, where Donald Glover’s character walks into a room holding a stack of pizza boxes, only to find that chaos has ensued while he was gone to pick them up. Twitter user KristinL_Miller used the iconic reaction gif to show just how they were feeling about the sound production of The Bachelor finale, captioning it with a hilarious note. The show clearly brought out the comedian in many fans, which was one of the highlights of finale night.

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