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10 Memes That Sum Up The Avengers Vs. Thanos


Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now fully in the midst of the Multiverse Saga, it’s becoming clearer that Kang is the perfect MCU villain successor to Thanos. However, it’ll undoubtedly be hard to follow up Thanos’ devastating triumph and how much of a general threat he was, and the purple alien has become such an iconic villain. The antagonist turned Earth-616 into a crushingly depressing place, and no other villain had accomplished their goal as well as the MCU character.

The Avengers’ ambition to beat Thanos was eventually successful, but not without a two-movie-long fight. But that also means that fans have created some hilarious memes over the years commemorating the occasion. Between the fights that could have been, Thanos being Villain Dad of the Year, and Black Widow trying to kill the alien with a taser, the movie fight of the century is remembered in unique ways.


Tom Has The Skills Of Every Avenger

The Avengers lost to Thanos in Infinity War and he killed off half the population before he was finally beaten five years later in Endgame. But the job might have been done much quicker if the superheroes had a cartoon cat on their team.

As the meme showcases, Tom can handle a bow and arrow as well as Hawkeye, he can glide through the sky as well as the Falcon, he can wield a hammer as well as Thor, and he’s even been as jacked as the Hulk at one point too. However, while the original Tom & Jerry episodes depicted Tom as having all sorts of abilities, given that none of them helped him defeat a simple mouse, it’s unlikely that he’d be able to handle Thanos.

Black Widow Tried To Beat Thanos With A Taser

Black Widow’s powers have been joked about to no end. When it comes to the original Avengers, she is by far the most underqualified. Tony Stark has military-grade weapons, Steve Rogers is a supersoldier, and Bruce Banner has super strength. Black Widow, on the other hand, is pretty good at hand-to-hand combat and little else.

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And her powers relative to her teammates are perfectly summed up in Infinity War when she tries to taser Thanos. What makes it funnier is even though she saw Thor, Wanda, Vision, and every other supernatural force try and fail to beat the villain, she still thought she had a chance with her trusty taser.

How Did Doctor Strange Not Know About Thanos?

This meme points out one of the many plotholes in Phase 3 of the MCU. In Thor: Ragnarok, Strange tells Thor that he has a list of potential threats from other realms. But if that was really the case, he would have seen Thanos coming from a mile away, especially given that Thanos’ foul play had been ongoing for years.

It isn’t just Thanos either, as many other villains from previous movies should have been on Strange’s watchlist too, such as Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. The Sorcerer Supreme would have been able to nip that threat in the bud much quicker than the Guardians did.

The Final Battle Odds Were In Thanos’ Favor

In Infinity War, Doctor Strange tells Tony that they have a one in 14 million chance of winning, which are unfathomable odds. But instead of giving up, the Avengers powered through, and that one in 14 million chance became a reality. This meme calls into question how Thanos lost despite having the greatest odds anyone has ever had.

When Tony wore the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers, Thanos accepted his fate pretty quickly, so even he must have known how much he screwed up. However, in the grand scheme of the multiverse, Thanos undoubtedly had a huge success rate, but that makes Earth-616’s Thanos that much more pathetic.

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Thanos Enjoyed Watching The Avengers Assemble

So many lines in The Avengers have become iconic and are even more cemented in pop culture 10 years later, and “Avengers assemble,” which is stated by Steve after everyone teleports through Wong’s portal, will undoubtedly have the same effect. It was an absolutely spectacular moment and easily the most jaw-dropping sequence in the MCU, not to mention a logistical feat having all these heroes in one shot together.

But it’s almost as if Thanos enjoyed it more than anyone else. Instead of attacking them before they have a chance to prepare or “assemble,” Thanos sits back and watches the whole thing from afar. Nobody had a better seat to the show than the purple alien, and nobody enjoyed it more than him.

Other MCU Villains Could Have Beat Thanos

This meme draws attention to the fact that so many powerful characters were killed in 2017, and every single one of them was more powerful than Thanos. 2017 alone saw the death of Hela, Ego and Odin, and Dormammu the year before that, all of whom could have ended Thanos much quicker than the Avengers did.

While Ego isn’t as powerful as the comic book version, he’d still put up a great fight. It’s almost as if that was an intentional move made by Marvel Studios, as Thanos was going to have his big entrance in Infinity War just one year later. It wouldn’t make sense if all these powerful beings existed in the same universe as Thanos.

Wanda Is Becoming Thanos

While Wanda and Strange’s final battle was underwhelming in the recently released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, seeing the Scarlet Witch mercilessly kill the Illuminati one by one really gave the audience a clear understanding of just how evil she had turned. The best example of that was how she killed Reed Richards.

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In Infinity War, Thanos turned Mantis into string, and it was one of the earliest examples of the villain being such a terrifying threat. In Multiverse of Madness, Wanda did something eerily similar to Reed. It isn’t clear whether or not this similarity was intentional, but if it was, it’s an ingenious way to show how evil Wanda has become given that she taunted Thanos when she said, “You took everything from me.” Eventually, she became just as evil as Thanos.

The Avengers Should Have Met Madisynn Earlier

One of the big appeals of the MCU is the way that the universe brilliantly puts two characters together that fans would never have imagined happening. And this meme imagines what fans would love to have seen, a conversation between Thanos, a stoic alien determined to wipe out half of all life, and Madisynn, a party girl who loves bingeing TV shows.

The character stole the show in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and given that she’s now BFFs with Wong, it isn’t completely out of the question that Madisynn could cross paths with some extra-terrestrial life in the MCU down the line. And some fans even want a Madisynn solo movie in Phase 5.

Thanos Is A Relatively Decent Father

Though the franchise has a bad reputation for endlessly bringing back characters from the dead, there’s no denying how the MCU has featured some heartbreaking death scenes. One of the saddest was when Thanos threw Gamora, his own daughter, off a cliff and to her death.

While it’s a terrible action, viewers see that Thanos actually has feelings, as he wipes away his tears. This meme hilariously points out that, because of his remorse, Thanos is a pretty good father compared to other dads in the MCU. Ego has absolutely no emotional connection to any of his thousands of kids, no matter what the species.

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