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10 Most Heartwarming Peanuts Comics


The Peanuts comic is a heartwarming read thanks to its adorable childhood innocence. Alongside this, it features the many ups and downs of everyday life, in the most amusingly relatable ways. Everyone at some point has felt the classic case of Charlie Brown’s luck, but even the notoriously unlucky boy gets a break from time to time. These wholesome moments make all the misfortune that Charlie Brown goes through seem quaint in comparison. Charles Schulz knew that happy moments were made sweeter by the presence of sadness, and Peanuts is very effective at showcasing that strange juxtaposition.

These comics showcase the very best that Peanuts has to offer. They run the gamut from cute instances of puppy love to almost comical optimism. Regardless, they’re sure to leave a flutter in the heart and butterflies in the stomach. Either way, they’re definitely a great read for any Peanuts fan.

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10 Rerun Learns To Say Hello

Rerun says Hello There

Charles Schulz was a clever writer, and his skill is captured in this brilliant Peanuts comic strip. Lucy asks Linus why children are thought to say goodbye, as she teaches her brother Rerun how to wave. Linus’ reasoning, in a strangely Lucy-like fashion, is the bleak indication that people will always be leaving him, so it’s better he learns now.

Rerun breaks the fourth wall in the last panel, defying Linus’ cynical outlook, and says “Hello there!” to the readers. This is a heartwarming example of just how much of an optimist Charles Schulz is at his core. It’s also a great establishment of Rerun’s character, showcasing how children can be clever in their own innocent ways.

9 Linus & Snoopy Share A Blanket

Linus sleeping with Snoopy

One of the cutest things about Peanuts is the relationships between the characters. There are a lot of fun dynamics at play, and one of the most wholesome ones happens to be between Linus and Snoopy. In one comic, Linus and Snoopy are seen sleeping together, with Linus using Snoopy as a comfortable blanket.

There’s also a bit of charm to how Snoopy responds to being called “warm and fuzzy.” This is a great showcase of how universally beloved Snoopy is in the comic. Even a crossover with Garfield can’t stop people from loving Snoopy, as Garfield himself admits he can’t hate the guy.

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8 Linus Kisses Patty

Linus comforts Peppermint Patty

One of the more unorthodox characters in Peanuts was Peppermint Patty. Unlike most girls in children’s media at the time, Peppermint Patty loves playing outside and is more comfortable with sports than stereotypical “girls” things. Because of this, one story arc has her feel “ugly” because the iconic “red-headed girl” was so pretty compared to “rough ol’ her.” It’s a great showcase of how even strong characters like Patty can have insecurities.

Linus comforts Peppermint Patty during one of her rare, vulnerable moments, and it’s a fantastic way to give depth to both characters. Even the best of Charlie Brown TV specials knows that Peppermint Patty is a beloved character, and Linus makes it known by giving her a peck on the cheek. Linus’ decency and Peppermint Patty’s surprising confidence issues make them more endearing.

7 Charlie Reacts To Sally’s Birth

Charlie Brown reacts to Sally's birth

One of the most exciting new cast reveals for Peanuts back in the day was the birth of Sally, Charlie Brown’s precocious younger sister. The announcement of a new baby sister got Charlie so excited that he couldn’t help but run out and brag about it. Of course, in typical Charlie Brown fashion, he flubs his heartwarming moment, though it ends up making him way more endearing.

While one of Charlie Brown’s funniest reactions, this comic shows that Charlie Brown isn’t always a sour sport. When there’s something to be genuinely happy about, Charlie Brown can be as excited as any other kid. It’s also a great way to hype up an addition to the cast, and it even ends with a pretty hilarious joke with Linus making a jab at Lucy.

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6 Before Sally & Snoopy Were Enemies

Sally sleeping on Snoopy

Following the birth of Sally were a lot of adorable comics about her toddler years. One of the most memorable involves an unlikely character: her future rival, Snoopy. While the future held a lot of animosity between the two showboaters, the innocent Sally adorably used Snoopy as a makeshift bed in an early comic strip.

Snoopy’s memorable feud with Sally started not with a fight, but with a cute moment between two family members. Even when Snoopy does “fail” Sally in the future, they can always look back on this moment fondly. Snoopy and Sally do care for each other, despite their precocious spats, after all.

5 Lucy Says Goodbye To Charlie

Lucy says goodbye to Charlie Brown

Lucy’s animosity towards Charlie Brown is well-known. Yet despite this, they seemingly always hang out anyway, and this comic strip shows the real depths of Charlie and Lucy’s friendship. Linus and Lucy have to move away for a while, and before they leave, Lucy affectionately calls Charlie a blockhead, though one she actually liked.

Lucy considers Charlie Brown a friend despite everything she’s done to him, and it’s strangely wholesome. Her crabby exterior melts away in favor of sincere thanks, and even Charlie Brown is left speechless. Linus even leaves Charlie Brown his blanket, showcasing just how much the siblings actually cared for Charlie.

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4 Lucy & Linus’ Heartwarming Moment

Linus comforts a crying Lucy

Lucy is well-known for her sour demeanor, and it was particularly intense in this comic strip. Lucy seems to be having a strong case of the blues, and Linus asks why she’s feeling that way out of concern. It’s clear from her ranting that Lucy is having a bad day, and starts asking what she can be thankful for. Linus’ response is so unexpectedly innocent that it sends the typically stoic Lucy into tears.

Linus and Lucy’s adorable sibling relationship may be more popular for its more antagonistic moments, but it’s these comic strips that show how much they love each other. Lucy and Linus may have their flaws, but their opposing philosophies and personalities actually mesh well. The contrast means they balance each other out in the best way.

3 Charlie Becomes Roy’s Friend

Charlie Brown befriends Roy

Charlie Brown is often the unlucky one in many story arcs of Peanuts. That said, there was one arc where he was actually the cool hero for someone else. During summer camp, Charlie Brown finds a similarly lonely soul in a boy named Roy. Despite himself, Charlie Brown actually manages to make a friend and bring comfort to someone that reminds him of himself.

While this is the kind of childhood friendship only seen in movies for some, it’s actually quite realistic. Charlie Brown often self-sabotages with doubt, but when it comes to other people, Charlie manages to be the better person he wants to be. It was his friendship with Roy that opened the door for his eventual close friendship with Peppermint Patty as well.

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2 Lucy Shows Her Caring Side

Linus falls asleep playing with blocks

While Peanuts is well-known for its clever dialogue and Charlie Brown’s unlucky streak, this panel doesn’t even show either. Instead, it focuses on a silent exchange between Lucy and baby Linus. Upon seeing her baby brother dozing away after playing with blocks, she stacks the blocks to spell out “SHH”, ensuring nobody bothers her baby brother.

The silent strip ends up making it as timeless as Charlie Brown Christmas, and universal in its message. Lucy’s mostly known for having a mean streak, but these little moments show that without the judgment of her peers, Lucy is fully capable of being caring. It just takes a bit of coaxing out of her.

1 A Happy Reunion Between Charlie & Snoopy

Charlie Brown and Snoopy celebrating

Charlie and Snoopy are the iconic duo that makes Peanuts so memorable, but there are times in their long history when they aren’t together. In one such story arc, Snoopy is away from home for a few days, and this leaves Charlie Brown devastated. However, that makes their eventual reunion so much better. They can’t wait to embrace and dance their worries away.

Charlie and Snoopy’s reunion is almost movie-like and getting the gang back together must have been a euphoric feeling for the two best friends. The silent celebration of dance before any words was even said is iconic in its own right. A reunion with a friend is always a source of joy for even the grumpiest of people.

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