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10 Most Iconic Character Introductions, Ranked

Grey’s Anatomy has started season 19 by introducing five new residents, which is a standard by now. In a show as long-running as this, it’s logical that some characters are going to leave eventually, making room for new ones, which is leaving fans in a nostalgic mood.

The show has introduced quite a few new characters over the years, some of which were more memorable than others. It sends fans down memory lane, trying to decide which character introduction was the best and most memorable.


10/10 Eliza Minnick

Grey's Anatomy Eliza Minnick

This was one of the most talked about introductions, not because it was so good, but because the way they introduced Minnick’s character was crucial in the fiasco that was the season of Grey’s Anatomy. Bailey and Katherine conspiring together created a distrustful atmosphere, and it did Minnick no favors.

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If they were transparent with the hospital staff from the beginning, she might have been able to do her job and help the teaching program, but she was ultimately seen as a villain. She also has some attitude problems that sank her character before the fans could learn more about her.

9/10 Teddy Altman

Teddy in Grey's Anatomy

Teddy joined the cast as a new cardio attending and was intended to teach Cristina. She had a history with Owen, even though it isn’t apparent just how deep it runs. While Cristina questions her qualifications. Teddy’s arrival could be summed up by Owen delivering a gift to Cristina in the form of a “cardio goddess” that could teach her.

But in one of her first scenes, Teddy runs into the rain while they’re waiting in the trauma bay and starts dancing with glee, showing that she has a quirky side. Even though she’s still one of the most unfairly hated characters on the show, it was that scene that made fans love her before even getting to know her character.

8/10 Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey smiling in the hospital in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith was known as the girl in the bar, after meeting Derek and having a one-night stand with him before starting her internship. The writers must have been feeling nostalgic because the moment comes full circle when Derek meets a girl in the bar again.

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It isn’t revealed until later that Lexie – the girl he meets – is none other than Lexie Grey, Meredith’s half-sister. Her introduction was quite hyped up, as she was joining the cast as one of the new series regulars.

7/10 Carina DeLuca

Carina de Luca with her eyes fixed on something

If Andrew had a very memorable introduction the same could be said for his sister Carina. She has one of the most heartwarming introductions, as she’s seen hooking up with Arizona, getting into an Italian yelling match with her brother, and above all pitching her research to Dr. Bailey.

There is also something hilarious about her character, especially when she says it’s her first patient. When the patient starts panicking, she explains it’s only the first patient in the hospital. Something about Carina reminds the fans of old Grey’s, with the funny, lighthearted introduction she had.

6/10 Arizona Robbins

Arizona smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Many people will remember Arizona’s exit as one of the best, but she also has an amazing introduction as she goes toe to toe with Dr. Bailey. She’s the new Peads attending, and she has no reservations about telling Dr. Bailey that the treatment the patient was receiving was wrong before rolling away on her wheeled sneakers.

When Bailey doubts her assessment, Arizona stands up to her and most importantly stands up for her patient. She gives a referral for a second opinion and makes it very clear that she won’t put up with second-guessing. This is so much more impressive because the audience learns later that Arizona cannot deal with authority, but for the sake of her patients, she will stand up to anybody.

5/10 Andrew DeLuca

An image of Andrew DeLuca from Grey's Anatomy

When viewers first see Andrew Deluca on screen, it doesn’t seem like he’s an intern at all. He acted like an attending, and that’s precisely what people confused him for. He exuded confidence, and it was no wonder that the doctors didn’t realize he was just one of the new interns.

It was ultimately a horrible show he put on, and had to admit he was just an intern. It messed up his relationship with the other interns, who felt he was showing off, and with the rest of the hospital staff. But the introduction itself was pretty epic, compared to the other interns.

4/10 Penelope Blake

penelope blake grey's anatomy

Penny shows up at Meredith’s house as Callie’s date, and while everyone is chatting with her, the audience knows the entire time, due to the flashbacks that she is the doctor that was complicit in Derek’s death. It isn’t until everyone learns that Penny is supposed to start work at Grey Sloan that Meredith snaps and reveals the truth by saying that “perfect Penny” killed her husband.

It was a horribly awkward scene, and it was no surprise that her character wasn’t liked after either, despite the unusual mentorship between her and Meredith. She was the doctor who killed Derek and Callie’s new love interest that stood in the way of her and Arizona reconciling.

3/10 Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt in army fatigues in Grey's Anatomy

Even though Owen isn’t the most popular of characters right now, there are few introductions as iconic as he was. Not only was he a complete badass, and stapled his own leg when he wasn’t even numbed or anything. Even Cristina was impressed.

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Then, when Cristina was impaled with an icicle, he came to her rescue, carried her to the hospital, and eventually pulled the icicle out. It established his character brilliantly as a badass, kind of impulsive army doctor with lots of field experience and an assertive personality.

2/10 Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan talking to Carolyn Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy

Classic Grey’s Anatomy introduced Mark as a bit of a plot twist. The audience sees a hot guy, flirting with Meredith who tells him she doesn’t date the people she works with. Insert Derek’s fist in Mark’s face – the audience learns in pieces that it’s Mark, Derek’s former best friend, and the guy Addison cheated with.

Even though it established Mark as a bad friend and a cheater, his interaction with Meredith was enough for fans to quickly fall in love with him despite being a flirt, or maybe because of it. He ended up being so loved that his exit was one of the most heartbreaking for the fans.

1/10 Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery

The best introduction on the show without a doubt goes to Addison Montgomery-Shepherd. The fans were loving the romance between Meredith and Derek. Just as it seemed it was finally turning into something more serious, Grey’s Anatomy threw the biggest obstacle at the ship.

In the biggest plot twist of the show, Addison shows up at the hospital lobby, looking so elegant in her fur coat and high heels. Derek only has a few seconds to mutter a quick apology, before Addison says the iconic unforgettable line: “And you must be the woman who’s been scr*ewing my husband.”

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