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10 Things to Learn With Roommates While Living in Coliving

It can be a bittersweet experience living with a roommate. Some may find amazing roommates that become great friends while others may live in the worst nightmare. However, whatever your experience may be, living in co-living spaces in Bangalore or any other IT hub place with another roommate teaches you something. 

So, here we have brought to you some of the things that you only get to learn while living with a roommate. Let’s move on to find out.

Top 10 Things Co-Living Spaces Teach You 

Many small and minor things living in a co-living space teaches you. Some of these are,

  1. Adjusting – Living with someone else is entirely different with family & friends that have completely different experiences. While living with people of a different mindset and interacting with those coming from different walks of life, you will experience many similarities and differences that will help to learn how to adjust and be accommodating of others. There will be many times when you have to compromise on small things, or at least take into consideration various aspects and the ways of doing things. So, living with those of varied upbringings, points of view, and ways of doing things, will teach you something about adjustments. 
  2. Patience – These days the youth struggles the most with patience. With a short temper and the routine of getting everything quickly, the millennials lose out their patience very quickly. You can’t snap at every second thing and cannot expect other people to get things done according to you that you barely know. Adjusting with a roommate at different points of time makes you even more patient than before, be it waiting for a shower, cooking something special, or getting things arranged according to you. All these small things develop a sense of patience every day. 
  3. Money management – One of the best things that you will learn while living with a roommate is money management skills. You usually have a budget within which you may need to arrange all of your monthly expenses. You will practically learn to manage your expenses, when you and your roommate decide to buy something, or when it comes to cutting down one or more areas to save something that you both want. If you are a student and want to shift to Bangalore, then it’s the best time to live in co living spaces in Bangalore because it’s your first step towards being financially independent. 
  4. Communication – It’s very important that you need to have a good sense of communication skills. You can’t have arguments with your roommate on small things if you want to live peacefully & happily. You’ll need to learn to put forth your point, while also taking into consideration the other person’s opinion. Also with good communication, you will be able to sort out the problems. Not only this, living in a coliving space helps understand the way to convince others and also maintain cordial relationships. 
  5. Different perceptions of cleanliness – It’s a fact that people usually are very particular about the way that they want to organize something or something to clean. Living in a co-living space helps you know how people clean things in different ways. You will get to meet someone who loves the things properly arranged in the right manner, and some love an organized mess, while there might be someone who even doesn’t care at all. You will learn how to be okay with the small things that are not being done in your way. 
  6. Importance of me-time – Everyone needs personal space and living with roommates will increase the feeling of wanting your alone time. You will understand the importance of personal space and start valuing time whenever you get yourself away from chaos. You will carve for me time if you don’t get it. However, a little time for yourself alone helps rejuvenate and is good for the peace of mind that also reduces stress and anxiety no matter how long or less you are alone. 
  7. Sharing – Living with other roommates teaches you the habit of sharing. Many times people don’t want to share sometimes and want to enjoy them alone, which can be a favorite dish, any materialistic things, memories, and experiences. You may find yourself thinking twice while buying something. It’s much the same as living with siblings and fighting for the bigger piece of cake. However, slowly you will learn to share things without even thinking much. 
  8. Developing Relationships – When people are more indulged in the online world, coliving is one of the best places to meet new people from different locations and age groups.  It helps socialize with fellow residents and also develops good relationships by staying together. Also, co-living accommodation is a great source of developing relationships with mindful people and building socialization skills. 
  9. Personal Growth – Those living in co-living rooms for study or job get a better chance of growth, and become more knowledgeable as they interact closely with different types of people. It is a great way to learn from other experiences and mistakes so that you can avoid those and work on self-growth. Moreover, people sharing space create a positive environment and a good attitude. 
  10.  New Skills – Last but not least, living in shared rooms is the most effective way to acquire new skills. You get a chance to interact with different people that have different skills and knowledge. You learn new skills, and techniques and gain knowledge on different aspects that ultimately help in your life. 

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