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10 Times Canon Contradicted Itself


Tales of the Jedi is the next Star Wars series to release with episodes offering more backstory into the pasts of Jedi such as Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn and fallen Jedi Count Dooku. The series give the saga the change to explore things never before seen in the Canon in an exciting way.

Star Wars’ Canon has long been a topic for discussion regarding what stays as canon and what doesn’t. Over the course of 45 years, many creative decisions have been made regarding things in the saga’s timeline, from events to planets to characters, and objects.


The Location Of Yoda’s Lightsaber Has Been Changed In Star Wars Over The Course Of Several Years

Initially believed to be lost during his duel against Palpatine in the senate chambers in Episode III, the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Complete Locations revealed that Yoda had kept his lightsaber in his hut on Dagobah.

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However, this changed once again with the 2017 comic Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, which revealed that Yoda’s lightsaber was being incinerated by Mas Amedda during a demonstration in the Empire’s early days (shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith). The Book of Boba Fett changed things once again by having Luke carry his saber as a gift to Grogu.

Leia’s Relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi Changed In Star Wars

A New Hope establishes Ben Kenobi as an old Jedi that served with Bail Organa. As a last resort to have the Death Star plans safely handed to Alderaan, Princess Leia enlists the help of Obi-Wan with her iconic quote “Help Me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope” plea.

During the film, Leia and Obi-Wan have never previously crossed paths, which is evident as she barely reacts to his sacrifice. While not initially planned, Obi-Wan Kenobichanged things by having Obi-Wan meet Leia as a child. Although it completely changes canon and alters future events, it makes Leia’s call to Obi-Wan so much more important and resonant.

Star Wars Writers Keep Changing Kanan Jarrus’ Involvement In Order 66

Before he became known as Kanan Jarrus during the Dark Times, he was a Jedi named Caleb Dume in the Clone Wars. Appearing in The Bad Batch‘s premiere episode, many changes were made to the moment in which Order 66 occurs with him. The comic Kanan: The Last Padawan gave Jarrus’ entire backstory from Order 66 to the early days of the Empire.

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In the comic, Kanan and his master Depa Billaba are cornered by their Clones at their camp ground at night while in The Bad Batch, Order 66 occurs during a skirmish against Droids with the Bad Batch present. While completely different from the comic, it was a clever way to tie The Bad Batch with Kanan and show the Jedi’s origins in action.

Somehow, Palpatine Returned In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

From the initial marketing and eventual release of the film, the Palpatine that appeared was always intended to be the same one from Return of the Jedi. Though initial plans had Matt Smith playing a younger clone of Palpatine, according to Inverse, these sadly didn’t pan out and while he was officially cast, Smith was cut before anything got to shooting.

Following mixed to negative reception from the film, some details surrounding the film were changed in The Rise of Skywalker‘s novelization. The book revealed Palpatine had managed to transfer his essence into a new body (that of an unstable clone). Palpatine’s return certainly wasn’t for everyone but at least the novelization cleared some confusion on the film while also retconning it.

Poe Dameron’s Origins In Star Wars Have Changed

The 2015 comic Shattered Empire revealed Dameron’s family background with the Rebel Alliance, thanks to his parents Kes Dameron and Shara Bey. The comic ended with the Damerons returning to their home on Yavin IV with a baby Poe. Following in his parents’ footsteps, Poe remained a valuable ally as the Alliance transitioned into the New Republic.

The Rise of Skywalker changed this by explaining his past as a spice runner and formerly working with Zorii Bliss, with whom he shared romantic feelings for. While a surprise to some fans, it was a welcome change as it gave Poe a more interesting and flawed past.

Star Wars Fans Have Been Confused By The Storyline Where Leia Can Remember Padmé

One of the most talked about plotholes in Star Wars has to be the fact that Leia says she remembers some things about her mother Padmé, to Luke on Endor. At the time of release in 1983, it was a major bombshell offering more information on Luke and Leia’s past but by the time Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005, the line no longer made any sense.

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Considering Padmé died shortly after giving birth, Leia would have zero memory of her. Some have come up with the reasoning that due to her force sensitivity, she is able to remember things even as a baby.

Star Wars Fans Are Confused To What Happened To Han Solo’s Lucky Dice

For years in Canon, many knew Han’s lucky dice to be the same one he used to win the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a game of Sabbac. As recent as the 2015 Episode VII, Visual Dictionary had maintained this. However, all things changed with Solo.

Han is seen having the dice long before crossing paths with Lando. He is first seen with them as a teenager on Corellia. What’s interesting is the fact that the film doesn’t even have Han use it in the game of Sabacc. While it may be his “lucky” dice, Canon has yet to explain why that is.

The Reasoning As To Why Luke on Ach-To Changed In Star Wars

The whole point of Luke being on his remote island on Ach-To changed tremendously from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi. The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary established that Luke had made the map to his island and gave it to Lor San Tekka in the event that his aid is needed. By the end of The Force Awakens, Luke looks extremely emotional as Rey hands him his lightsaber.

Once The Last Jedi came out, Luke’s facial expression was completely different as Rey held his lightsaber to him and any mention of his map is non-existent. Luke’s whole reasoning for being on the island is changed as well. Han Solo had mentioned that Luke went in search of the first Jedi Temple there but in VIII, Luke says “I came here to die.” Although Luke’s characterization in Episode 8 was praised for subverting expectations, most were very frustrated with the treatment of his character.

Anakin’s Has Fought Count Dooku Multiple Times In Star Wars

In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin and Count Dooku seemingly haven’t dueled since their previous encounter in Attack of the Clones. Anakin mentions “My powers have doubled since we last met, Count.” Although Dave Filoni did so much to make Anakin not encounter Grievous in The Clone Wars to maintain their first meeting in Episode III, the same courtesy was not shown with Anakin and Dooku.

Throughout the course of the Clone Wars film and series, Anakin and Count Dooku had crossed paths and fought multiple times. While the line made perfect sense when Episode III released, it’s kind of lost its punch since they have fought so many times since that last “encounter”.

Star Wars Writers Have Changed Cassian Andor’s Upbringing

Before Andor, Cassian’s original homeworld and origins were tied to Fest. Now, Andor has given Cassian a completely different upbringing. The most interesting thing is that when talking about the war between the Rebellion and the Empire, Andor notes “I’ve been in this fight since I was six years old.” Andor retcons this by showing him as a tween on his actual homeworld Kenari during the Clone Wars.

The series also revealed that his name was originally Kassa and that he was adopted by Maarva and Clem Andor and given a fake identity with Fest marked as his homeworld. While the show dramatically changed Cassian’s backstory, it added some much needed depth to the character.

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