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10 Unpopular Opinions About Gotham Knights, According To Reddit

Gotham Knights came out a little over a week ago, and it’s all the rage right now. The game puts Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin in the spotlight, cementing them as heroes in their own right, stepping out of Batman’s shadow.

Although the game received mixed reviews from critics, most fans seem to like it, especially the setting, characters, skins, and multiplayer mode. However, Gotham Knights can’t please everybody, and some players aren’t thrilled with it. They’ve taken to Reddit to express their unpopular opinions about the game, some of which are quite controversial.


Gotham Knights Always Looked Bad

Reviews for Gotham Knights are pretty mixed. Some extremes go from calling it a Game of the Year contender to declaring it unplayable and a disservice to the Batman mythos. However, most reviews seem to agree that the game is a flawed albeit enjoyable experience for fans of its four titular characters.

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Still, some Redditors think the game was always doomed to fail. For example, darkpassenger9 thinks it always looked bad, claiming, “How anyone couldn’t have seen this being a mid-tier trashfire is beyond (them).” It’s somewhat unfair to condemn Gotham Knights so harshly, especially when most fans and critics agree that it’s an above-average game, but to each its own.

Gotham Knights Didn’t Make Use Of Arkham’s Foundation

The Batman Arkham titles are among the best in the gaming world. They were revolutionary at the time of their release and retain a high replay value today, making them favorites among critics and players.

So, many players and critics were disappointed by Gotham Knights because they expected it to be closer to the Arkham Games, or so it might seem. However, Redditor Batman_The_Merciless says it’s not about wanting another Arkham game but about GK having “an existing foundation that worked… and didn’t even bother looking at it.” It’s a valid point, but it’s still wanting every Batman-related game to use Arkham‘s basis, which is somewhat limiting and would get tiresome in the long run.

Gotham Knights Should Be Perfect

Many Redditors’ main complaint about Gotham Knights is how “safe” it feels compared to many other offerings and some of the best Batman video games. Many reviews and comments specifically point to the $70 price tag. For example, Redditor Talal2608 says it’s “fair to criticize it for not being great and just mediocre.”

However, this mindset is somewhat unfair. Gaming development is difficult, and while players should demand the best possible game, expecting perfection every time is a losing game, especially because there’s no clear definition of what “perfection” is.

Gotham Knights Is A Cheap Copy

The Arkham games are institutions in the gaming world. They were game-changers then and remain highly respected now, to the point many critics and fans think every Batman game should strive to be “worthy” of their legacy. Redditor xjust13 thinks Gotham Knights failed in that regard, calling it “a cheap copy of the Arkham trilogy.”

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However, GK never tried to be another Arkham, and disregarding it for not being a literal follow-up to those games is pretty unfair. It seems like Batman games can’t be enjoyed without comparing them to Arkham, which only spells trouble for the franchise, as a whole.

Jason Is Too Muscular

The Red Hood is one of the best DC Comics characters. His backstory as Jason Todd is unique and tragic, and his antiheroic career as Red Hood makes him one of the Batman Family’s most unpredictable members. Although there isn’t a set look for him (different artists portray him differently), Jason often acts as the brawn of the Batman Family.

Gotham Knights opts to make him massive to fit his role as an offensive attacker. However, some Redditors feel like the game overdid it, like PureXEyez, who believed Jason “is way too buff” and feels ridiculous running around “like a hulking bodybuilder.” Fellow Redditors don’t share the same opinion, feeling like the game accurately represented how Jason would look realistically, considering his stats in the comics.

Gotham City At Its Best?

Gotham City has had many great depictions across several games. The crime-infested city is not the best place to live in — in fact, it might be the worst city in DC Comics. However, Batman fans will always see it as a fascinating place to visit.

The Arkham games received wide praise for their art direction and design, creating a gloomy Gotham City that lived up to the hype. Gotham Knights does a less stellar job; its version of Gotham is good but not as complex as Akrham’s. Redditor typicalking97 believes GK‘s Gotham is better, calling it “more alive” than Arkham‘s. However, there is a legitimate, story-related reason for the city to be desolate in the Arkham games, which might make invalidate the user’s point.


Edna Mode said it best: No. Capes. Ever. Superhero costumes should be versatile enough to allow the person inside to perform all their vigilantism without becoming a hindrance. However, it’s undeniable that capes look cool, especially when swinging around the street at night.

Redditor ConquererFlynn believes at least one of Dick and Jason’s costumes should have capes. In the user’s words, capes “give a more theatrical air to the gameplay.” Capes are dramatic, but it wouldn’t make sense for an acrobat like Dick to have a cape while performing his stunts. Capes work well with Robin and Batgirl, but Jason and Dick don’t need them.

Gotham Knights Is Boring

Every fan has a criticism of the game, and that’s ok. Different players will have different nitpicks and criticisms depending on their experience and expectations. However, the consensus seems to be that, for its many flaws, the story with the Court of Owls is the best aspect of the game, with many praising its development, engaging factor, and cutscenes.

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However, Redditor BeardedRingo disagrees, claiming GK “looks like a boring loot game.” The user might be surprised to learn the game has many things to do outside the main storyline, offering an open-world game that invites countless possibilities. In short, it’s the opposite of boring.

Gotham Knights Needs Batman

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes ever. He is a staple in pop culture and one of the most complex and fascinating comic book characters. However, he is not necessary for every story, and Gotham Knights prove that a Gotham-related title can work without the Caped Crusader.

Not everyone feels the same, though. Redditor multificionado states they won’t play the game “unless there are DLCs where you can play as Batman.” The entire point of GK is to showcase the other Batman Family members and bring them out from under Bruce’s shadow. Batman is unnecessary for this game, and expecting him to appear is a disservice to the game’s premise.

Gotham Knights Is Sh!t

It’s ok not to like a game. No single project can be universally acclaimed; even the most beloved and well-received projects will have a few haters who don’t enjoy them. However, some people seem to enjoy hating a game for no apparent reason.

For example, Redditor Old-Conclusion3395 believes Gotham Knights “runs like sh!t, plays like sh!t, and looks like sh!t.” The user got downvoted for their comment, mainly because they gave no additional explanation, making their opinion seem immature and intentionally troll-like.

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