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10 Worst Games Redditors Still Play Despite Them Being Rage-Inducing


The festive season will be full of goodies for gamers as The Witcher 3 (Next Gen) and Marvel’s Midnight Suns are set to come out in December. How addictive the games are will remain to be seen, but fans will be hoping they match up to the offerings that are already available in the populated gaming field.

Over the years, fans have found themselves stuck in toxic relationships with some video games. That’s because these games are quite frustrating to play, Despite that, gamers still find themselves going back again and again. So what are some of the addictive but rage-inducing games, according to Reddit?


Jump King

A scene from the Jump King game

In Jump KIng, players are required to climb a high, vertical tower in the game by making calculated jumps. Fireluigi thinks the game fits the “rage-inducing” classification “because the progress can be lost in an instant.”

The Redditor isn’t the only one that feels this way since the game has become a hit with twitch streamers because of its frustrating nature (via GameRant). As frustrating as it is, it’s easy to see why gamers keep trying again. There’s always the belief that one will make better jumps next time only to fall again. The game also teases a “smoking hot babe” at the top through dialogue, giving players all the motivation they need while still making things hard for them.


Half Life 2 FPS video game walkthrough

The Valve game sees the scientist Gordon Freeman attempt to escape the Black Mesa Research Facility after an alien attack. Redditor lasyi_lasii describes it as “pain, facepalms and constant respawns.”

It’s quite an accurate description of the game since the aliens keep reappearing after getting killed. Such respawns are frustrating to a player, forcing them to constantly cover their face with their palms. But as one of the first first-shooter games to use scripted sequences, it was expected for most people who played it to get addicted to it. Difficulty aside, it’s still one of the best games with aliens and villains hence the reason it garnered over 50 accolades (via Game Industry).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Ultimate Alliance 3 - 4 Spider-Man team glitch

Shogun_The_Collector thinks it’s annoying because “games with AI partners should always have you be able to walk through them,” yet that’s not the case in it. In it, superheroes team up to defeat some of the most powerful Marvel villains.

With plenty of skilled NPCs, consisting of popular heroes, the Redditor isn’t alone in their expectation that things will be easy. Sadly, that’s far from the case. Any small mistake or rookie move leads to severe punishment for the player. But with names such as Captain America and Hulk frequently appearing, quitting is impossible.

Driver: You Are The Wheelman

One of the cars in the video game, Driver: You Are The Wheelman

Undercover cop, John Tanner drives around various cities as he investigates a criminal outfit. K3nsington recalls how playing the games “on the PS1 was a painful experience, but finishing them is quite satisfying.”

Many gamers have noted how the final mission, where John tries to drive the President’s car in New York, is hard to complete. And that can be blamed on traffic and car trouble among other things. Despite that, the euphoria that comes with completing the mission is unmatched.

Apex Legends

Fuse From Apex Legends

Redditor hail_goku confesses that “we play it at least once a week and I don’t know why.” They add that it ‘has tryhards, smurf accounts, hackers, and a messed up ranked system.” In the game, players pair up in two-player or three-player squads before going on missions.

The Redditor’s issue lies not with the gameplay but with the online experience where there are too many skilled players, making it hard to advance. Because of smurf accounts, avoiding experienced players becomes even harder.


Cristiano Ronaldo on the field in FIFA 22

The soccer game allows users to play using their favorite teams. Lamela_7 thinks it’s rage-inducing because there is an “insane amount of randomness out of your control.”

FIFA might be one of the most popular sports video games but the complaint is a legit one because goalkeeper saves can’t be controlled. That means there’s little a player can do when an opponent decides to use a talented player to strike the ball from 30 yards there. Playing against the AI is extremely stressful too as even lower-ranked teams end up being too good.

League Of Legends

An image of Jinx from League of Legends with her Arcane skin.

Inspired by the custom Warcraft III map, “Defense of the Ancients,” the game tasks player teams with defending their territories. TheKingDotExe admits “I get so angry at it, and yet I still can’t help myself to go back to it time after time.”

Those playing League Of Legends experience the same problem that’s in most online games: unbeatable players. There are also several Game Of Legends champions that are hard to defeat. But even though the frustrations keep piling up, the desire to be as good as those that keep dominating remains, making players try again and again.


Cuphead Co-op Gameplay

StudioMDHR’s ’30s-inspired game sees Cuphead get sent by the devil to repossess the souls of runaway debtors from the Devil’s casino.JokerBuzz89 says the game “kills any buzz/happy moods I have when I play it lol.”

The run-and-gun game is difficult because users have to rely on pattern memory to complete the mission. For the most part, beating the debtors is extremely difficult, so gamers have to try again and again to note the movies that work.

Gears Of War

Marcus Fenix scowls in Gears of War 4

MajorBlack98 describes playing the game as a “fun and awful experience.” The games have several missions, including one that revolves around the conflict between humans and the subterranean hominids, the Locust Horde.

By allowing up to 8 different players in a team at a time, the game ends up having a “too many cooks” problem. A mistake by one person easily jeopardizes the rest, making a restart the only logical move. Nonetheless, the missions are fun and the visuals are stunning.


An undead creature wearing a gas mask in STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

The player’s role is that of a “stalker,” who gets to explore a disaster zone and deal with the threats. JeffGhost says “nothing beats getting jumped by Chimeras and Cats….or Monolith soldiers hidden in bushes.”

Dealing with opponents one can see coming always makes games a lot easier, but players are denied such an experience here. Since it’s a horror game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. makes sure to include its version of jump scares. And they are not only scary but also damaging to the player.

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