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5 Benefits of Cloud Networking That your Business Can Enjoy

If you are one of the very few people that don’t know what the cloud is, where have you been for the past 5 years? Cloud computing offers the business a lot and in this short article, we outline some of the benefits of migrating your business data to the cloud.

  1. Cyber-security – How safe is your business data? Are you engaging the services of a cyber –security provider? When you migrate your data to remote secure servers, you enjoy 24/7 protection and periodically, they will ask an ethical hacker to try and penetrate your network defences, which is called penetration testing. Let’s face it, if all your data is stored on the office hard drives, it is hardly secure and cloud storage comes with full cyber-security, removing any worry you might have re; being hacked.
  2. Global access – Once your network is established, you and all your employees can access from any location, using any digital device. You enjoy secure connections and can update in real time, keeping all key players on the same page; talk to a managed IT services company about setting up a secure cloud network and take the first step to global connectivity.
  3. Third party access – Obviously, you outsource business accounting services and all you have to do is send the provider a username and password and they can access the data they need. They don’t even have to leave their office and can update spreadsheets and reports in real time and as time is money, your accounting costs will remain affordable. Books can be updated at the close of each business day by remotely located staff, making sure that everything is up to date.
  4. Internet telephony – You no longer have to rely on the telecom corporation that charges by the minute for calls, with Voice over Internet Protocol platforms like Zoom and Skype; you can enjoy real-time video calls with colleagues and clients wherever they happen to be. Talk to a leading provider of managed IT services about VoIP and they would be happy to give you a free call to any number. The data is sent via your secure cloud network and there are some great virtual meeting tools to help you collaborate with your team. Click here for an article about surging property prices in the UK.
  5. Paperless office – You may have read about paperless offices, which is most definitely the future; when your cloud network is set up, you simply scan all documentation and store it on the cloud and when a staff member needs a document, they can bring it up instantly on their workstation screen.

It matters not what business you are in, migrating to the cloud is the smart thing to do and with professional cyber-security, your critical business data is always safe. Making best use of digital technology benefits your company in so many ways, as outlined above and with round the clock management, your secure network is always online.


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