5 Europe Attractions To See The Best Castles

Western culture influenced us over the years not only with its rich culture and power but also with its architecture as well. Castles are the best examples of architecture and are full of history and mystery. 

In this modern world, the existence of castles is not huge. On the other hand, the craze for seeing castles is always there within us. Over the years, countries have been trying to renovate and keep their existing castles safe and spring to make them memorable to us. 

In this article, you will get a glimpse of the best castles in Europe that you can visit. We will let you imagine the beauty and heritage of these hand-picked castles that you can visit in many countries of Europe. 

05 Attractive European Castles To See   

Here we will dig into the top five Castles of Europe that you might think to make your must-visit destination in the future. 

Are you a travel frick? Wondering about visiting historical places? Do follow the below list to hand pick your favorite Castle. 

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1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Bavaria, Germany, has its Memoriam intact through Neuschwanstein Castle. If you choose to visit Germany, you simply cannot ignore this precious Castle.

Ludwig the Second, in 1868, had built this scenic castle that remains in our eyes once we set a glance at it. This can be considered one of the most photogenic castles in the world, and you are free to click photos inside the castle. 

Whenever you visit Germany, go to Munich and take a car to drive to this beautiful castle. Keep it noted that you will miss your best cynical surroundings if you fail to visit this Castle. 

2. Karlstejn Castle, Prague

If you think of any place in Europe that is rich in history and romanticism, Prague will climb in your imagination. This Gothic and carefully architectured central European city has a famous Castle to show you. 

Karlstejn Castle was established in 1348 and is still available for us to visit with a guide. The government has kept the castle intact with several renovation processes so that we can experience its history. 

3. Château De Blois, France

Chateau De Blois had experienced a lot of history, including archbishops and historical fighting. You will find this beautiful castle in and between the locality. 

Since 1841, it has been declared a monument for visitors to see the history that lies within it. As a suggestion, if you go to see this castle, go early in the morning so that you can park your car in the crowley surrounding. 

4. The Alhambra, Spain

Spain is a religious place with several histories on the country walls. Whether it is football or a travel destination, Spain always has something to deliver you, and this country, in particular, will never disappoint you.

Similarly, The Alhambra, with its large size and scenic beauty around it, attracts millions of people worldwide. It was probably built in 1300 by Muslim kings; however, it was taken by Christian force in 1492. 

Planning a trip to Spain? Leave a day for Granada just to see The Alhambra, and you will not regret it. 

5. Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

If you are searching for a well preserved piece of history, then this castle is your must-see destination. Hohensalzburg Castle was established 900 years ago and still maintains its aura.

It was under conflict once during world war I and was used as a military prison. After that, people visit this place often and spread their amazement about this castle to others. 

In addition, this castle of Austria is large in size and covered by a valley. You can take a cable car or walk to the castle. 

To Wrap Up

The above-mentioned castles are probably the most well-decorated castles over the years. Each castle represents the value of majestic beauty for their country. 

It is not possible for all to travel to all these castles to be practical. But you can hand pick one or two out of these castles according to your preferences.

Climb to your expectations with this article, and you will find it more interesting when you see those castles in front. 

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