5 Podcasting Mistakes That Turn Away Listeners

One of the most daunting aspects of podcasting is convincing people across the world to listen. 

Listeners that choose not to listen, or listen for just a short period, will never hear your podcast.

It can be disheartening for a new podcaster to see that their podcast isn’t getting the traction they had envisioned. 

There are, however, a few mistakes to avoid when creating your new podcast, and they will determine if your podcast succeeds in the long run. 

What Makes a Good Podcast?

If you plan on podcasting as a way to bring in new leads for your business, you will want to ensure that your content aligns with what your listeners are looking for. 

Here are the mistakes that turn away listeners from your show, along with tips on how to fix these problems with your podcast so you can grow an audience and avoid these hazards.

Mistake 1: Not Getting a Good Podcast Host

Many podcasters have shared the frustration of not being able to get their podcast up and running because of some basic or overlooked steps.

One such setback comes from failing to set up your account on a hosting website. 

Before you can publish your episode and begin sharing it, you must register an account on these services, making sure that all information is correct.

Get a podcasting hosting app to start podcasting today.

Mistake 2 Poor Audio Quality or Noisy Recording

Another podcasting mistake that leads to not getting a good reception is having a poor-sounding podcast.

Poor audio quality can be so distracting that listeners will stop listening altogether. 

Even if you are using the best microphone in the world, and have a great voice, it’s important to make sure that your recording is still clear and free of background noises.

Mistake 3: Lack of Variety in Topics & Guests

One of the reasons people stop listening to podcasts is that they lack variety.

This means that you should also be mindful of what your podcast is about. 

If you talk about the same thing or have the same guests on all shows, listeners will soon be tired of your podcast and look for new content elsewhere.

Mistake 4: Poor Production Value and Unprofessionalism

Completing the podcasting mistakes that turn away listeners is having a poorly produced podcast. 

Even the best content can be made terrible by some poor audio production and editing skills. 

Each episode should contain a short intro, good audio quality, engaging content, and relevant guests, as well as an outro to attract listeners back for your next podcast. 

Mistake 5: Interviewing the Wrong People

Another thing that will make a listener lose interest in your podcast is interviewing guests who aren’t relevant to their interests. 

If you are interviewing someone who talks solely about off-topic business, hobbies, or other unrelated topics, your viewers won’t have a good time. 

Instead, focus on the core of your podcast. This includes topics that are relevant to your listeners and fit with your brand. 

Also, try to find people who have the same interests as your listeners.

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