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7 Characters We’re Worried Will Die In Fast X


The Fast and Furious franchise is known for its strong emphasis on family, making potential character deaths in Fast X all the more heartbreaking. The series often depicts characters like Dominic Toretto and Deckard Shaw protecting their loved ones and Fast X takes this theme to the next level. The plot will revolve around Dante Reyes, the son of the drug kingpin Hernan Reyes, whom Dom and his crew defeated in Fast Five. Dante is now seeking revenge on Dom and his family. The trailer suggests Dante will create a situation where Dom must choose which family members to save.

The stakes are higher than ever, and Fast X will likely bring some significant casualties. Dante’s plan to eliminate Dom’s family is ruthless, and the action-packed Fast X trailer hints at ridiculous moments and explosive scenes. It’s unclear who will survive and who won’t, but some characters are more likely to perish than others. With so many beloved characters in the Fast and Furious universe, losing any of them is a heartbreaking prospect.

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6 Letty Ortiz

Letty flirts with Dom in Furious (2001)

Fast and Furious fans know that Dom’s love life has been far from straightforward. His wife has already “died” in Fast & Furious, only to be revealed to be alive in F6. While mourning Letty, Dom had a relationship with another woman, Elena Neves, in Fast Five. When Letty came back to life, Dom left Elena to go back to Letty. After he left her, Elena learned she was pregnant with Dom’s child, a boy named Brian Marcos. Tragically, she passed away in The Fate of the Furious, paving the way for Dom to build a blended family with Letty. If Dante’s goal is to inflict maximum pain on Dom, killing Letty would certainly achieve that.

The potential death of Letty is just one of the many high-stakes moments teased in the trailer for Fast X. The franchise has always been known for its thrilling action sequences, and this installment looks no different. With Dante seeking revenge on Dom and his crew, audiences can expect explosive car chases, daring stunts, and plenty of heart-stopping moments. As with every Fast and Furious movie, the theme of family will be front and center, with Dom and his wife and son facing their most formidable challenge yet. Fast X promises to deliver all the adrenaline-fueled audiences have come to expect from the series.

5 Tej Parker

Fast & Furious Tej Parker poses with a green background

As a longtime member of Dom’s crew, Tej Parker is considered family to Dom, which puts him in danger from Dante’s plot for revenge. Tej’s involvement in the heist of the Reyes family vault, a mission that brought down the notorious Hernan Reyes, makes him a prime target for Dante’s wrath. In Dante’s eyes, Tej is just as responsible for the misfortune of the Reyes family as Dom, making him a valuable target in his quest for revenge.

Tej’s potential demise adds to the mounting tension and high stakes of Fast X‘s furious street racing. With Dante seeking to take down Dom and his family, audiences can expect intense action, high-speed thrills, and the possibility of heartbreaking losses. The film promises to be a thrilling ride for fans of the franchise, but with danger lurking around every corner, it remains to be seen if this beloved character will make it out alive.

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4 Deckard Shaw

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw driving a car

Deckard Shaw is another character who could be in danger in Fast X. He’s gone from an enemy of Dom’s crew to an ally, helping protect Dom’s family since The Fate of the Furious. However, this new role as a protector also puts him directly in the crosshairs of Dante’s revenge against all those who Dom considers family. Shaw’s reconciliation with his sister and mother in the spin-off movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw cements his family commitment. This character arc could potentially lead to a tragic and sacrificial end for Deckard in Fast X.

With such a beloved character potentially on the chopping block, Fast X promises to be a heart-pounding and emotional ride for fans of the series. The film will undoubtedly feature high-octane action and thrilling set pieces, but the fate of this Fast and Furious character will no doubt keep audiences on the edge of their seats. As Dante sets his sights on Dom and his family, including Deckard Shaw, it’s anyone’s guess if he will make it out alive.

3 Dom’s Siblings: Jakob Toretto & Mia Toretto

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious and Riddick in Pitch Black

Dom’s family history has been a recurring theme throughout the Fast and Furious franchise. After their father’s death, Dom went to jail for assaulting the man he thought was responsible. When Dom got out, he began to distance himself from his family. Dom’s brother Jakob became resentful of him and ended up working with one of Dom’s enemies. This animosity drove Dom further into a life of crime and further away from his family. Meanwhile, his sister Mia disapproved of Dom’s criminal activity but found common ground with him after falling in love with his best friend, Brian O’Conner.

It wasn’t until the events of F9, the previous movie in the franchise, that Dom finally reconciled with his estranged brother and sister. This newfound sense of family makes Dante’s attack seen in the Fast X all the more tragic. Dom has finally built a blended family life with soulmate Letty and his son Brian. Now, after decades apart, he and his siblings have found each other again, only to face a threat that puts them all in danger. The stakes are higher than ever, and fans will be on the edge of their seats to see how the story in this latest Fast and Furious installment plays out.

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2 Brian O’Conner

Brian O'Conner driving his car in Fast and Furious 6

Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) has been an integral part of the Fast and Furious franchise since its inception. As a member of Dom’s crew and the brother-in-law of Dom, he is a target for Dante’s wrath in Fast X. Dante would likely want to take out all the people who were involved in the heist that led to the death of Hernan Reyes, and Brian was one of them. Additionally, the franchise has previously struggled with how to handle the character after Walker’s untimely death, and killing him off in the movie would provide a sense of closure for the character and the franchise.

However, killing off a returning Brian in Fast X would not be an easy decision for the filmmakers. Brian has been a beloved Fast and Furious family member for over two decades, and the cast, crew, and fans deeply felt the loss of Paul Walker. The franchise has previously found creative ways to write around Brian’s absence, such as his retirement and off-screen activities. On the one hand, it wouldn’t make sense for Dante to leave Brian alone, given his role in Hernan’s death. On the other, if the filmmakers choose to go in this direction, it would need to be done in a way that honors both the character and the actor who brought him to life.

1 Dante Reyes & Dominic Toretto

Jason Momoa in Fast X.

Dante Reyes is a man consumed by his thirst for vengeance, and his sole objective is to destroy Dominic Toretto and his family, even if it means putting his own life on the line. From the intense trailer, it’s evident that the events of Fast Five have consumed Reyes’ son to the point where he doesn’t care about his own safety. Dante is involved in life-threatening crashes and other dangerous situations. To keep his family safe, Dom knows that the only solution is to eliminate Dante completely. As long as he is alive, Dante will always pose a threat to their lives.

The struggle between Dom and Dante will likely result in one or both of them being presumed dead by the end of Fast X. The director has already announced that Fast X is only the first part of a two-part finale for the main Fast and Furious series. The cliffhanger ending of Fast X could serve as a perfect lead-in to the concluding chapter of the franchise. The eleventh and final film of the Fast and Furious film series is expected to wrap up all loose ends and bring a satisfying end to the series.

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