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7 The Boys Supes That Should Have Been At Herogasm


The Boys finally adapted Herogasm during season 3, but there are several missing Supes who exist in the series that should have appeared in the event.

The Boys season 3 brought the comic crossover event Herogasm to life as only the live-action series can, but there were several Supes missing who should have appeared. It took three seasons for The Boys to build up the levels of adult content that viewers would accept before it came time to bring the comics’ most explicit event to screen. Herogasm occurred in The Boys season 3, episode 6, as Supes from around the world gathered with the TNT Twins to have a superhero orgy. It played out very differently than Garth Ennis’ comics, as the show’s Herogasm was arguably way less gross than expected.

While The Boys‘ Herogasm episode did not necessarily hold back in terms of the explicit sexual content it featured, the show did not linger or focus on that aspect of the event. It was instead used as a backdrop for a powered Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy to take their first shot at fighting Homelander. Whereas the comic version of Herogasm saw essentially every Super attend the orgy under the guise of a world-saving mission, The Boys left several characters out of the event. For every The Deep or Termite who enjoyed the orgy and those who were there to fight, plenty of Supes were missing from The Boys‘ Herogasm.

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7 Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve looking on in The Boys.

Queen Maeve was missing from The Boys‘ Herogasm episode entirely. There was a good reason for this based on the story that the show was telling. She was imprisoned by Homelander in a Vought facility at the time of the event. However, it would have made Herogasm a bit more eventful if Queen Maeve did appear. It is unlikely that she would have joined in on the sexual acts taking place, as even Maeve’s comic counterpart used Herogasm to relax. This would not have been possible in The Boys, but she could have helped Soldier Boy and Billy fight Homelander if she had broken out in time.

6 Cindy

The Boys Vought and The Church of The Collective Are Working Together Cindy Escapes

The Boys season 3 could have brought Cindy back finally as part of Herogasm. The powerful Super was featured in season 2 as a test subject at Sage Grove Center. She was last seen going to the city after escaping from Vought’s facility alive, but the series has not picked up her storyline yet. Having Cindy appear at Herogasm would have been an unexpected but fun way to remind viewers that she is still out there in the universe. This could have been a tease that she has started to use her powers to become a Supe, while it also could have set up Cindy’s The Boys season 4 return.

5 Black Noir

Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir in The Boys

Black Noir could have appeared in The Boys Herogasm event as a way to connect him to the main story more. The sixth episode of the season saw Black Noir remove his Vought tracker, which he used as a way to get off Soldier Boy’s radar. It could have been interesting to see the former Payback member go to Herogasm so he could warn the TNT Twins about the team’s former leader returning. This would allow The Boys to possibly have Black Noir and Soldier Boy fight as part of Herogasm. The show even could have used this as an opportunity to explore if Black Noir has any sexual desires.

4 Eagle the Archer

Eagle convinces The Deep to join the Church Of The Collective

Eagle the Archer is another The Boys Supe missing from Herogasm who should have appeared. Vought’s sharpshooting archer only appeared in a handful of episodes in season 2, but he was last revealed to have left the Church of the Collective. Eagle the Archer’s return for Herogasm could have been an opportunity for The Boys season 3 to show how different his life is since he left the cult. Instead of being a hero who was attempting to turn his life around, he could have fallen back into a more obscene lifestyle. This would be another subtle way for the show to add some social commentary.

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3 Gecko

The Boys Season 2 Gecko

Herogasm could have been another opportunity for The Boys to bring back Gecko in a surprise fashion. The minor character from the first two seasons is most famous for using his regenerative healing powers to let people cut off parts of his body. The Boys already established that his most popular work is as an S&M sex worker. Considering his proclivities for such activities and clients, it would not have been surprising for Gecko to have found more work at Herogasm. Based on The Boys Supes in attendance and their tendencies, Gecko would have fit in perfectly with this crowd and could have been a popular attendee.

2 Ezekiel

It would have made sense for Ezekiel to be another Supe at The Boys‘ Herogasm event instead of him missing. The organizer for Capes for Christ has already been shown to be very sexually active, despite what he preaches at his conventions. Herogasm is the type of event that could have enough secrecy within it that Ezekiel could have attended and let his most sinful desires take over. His elongation powers would certainly fit in with the types of activities those at Herogasm would like to partake in. But, Ezekiel is no Love Sausage as far as The Boys has explored.

1 Tek Knight

Tek Knight has not appeared in The Boys so far, but the character has been mentioned as part of the universe’s canon. As a result, Herogasm would have been the perfect spot for Tek Knight to appear. The only mention of the Supe in The Boys so far is related to him breaking a woman’s back while he saved her. A detail this did not reveal about Tek Knight (or the woman purposefully decided to leave out) is that he is obsessed with sex, leading to his very perverted behavior.

Since the character dies in the comics while hallucinating that he is having sex with a meteor to save Earth, Tek Knight being one of The Boys‘ Supes to miss Herogasm is a missed opportunity. The show could have used the event to set up the controversial Iron Man spoof in some fashion. Tek Knight’s sexual desires and constant fantasies about having sex with his sidekick or just about anyone else would fit with the ideas of Herogasm. This even could have helped The Boys set up Tek Knight for a bigger role in season 4 potentially.

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