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9 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Dwight & Jim’s Relationship


The New Superfan episodes of The Office are available for streaming on Peacock and feature extended versions of scenes that got cut for time from the show’s original broadcast. Said episodes contain 5-10 minutes of additional footage, offering a deeper insight into the inner workings of Dunder Mifflin and Scranton, and include exclusive never-seen-before content.

The news is an exciting chance for viewers who’ve been wanting to gain an accurate and deeper understanding of the key relationships on the show, such as Jim and Dwight’s frenemosity. Though their relationship was rife with conflict, banter, and pranks, they stood out as the show’s most formidable pair. Sometimes friends and sometimes foes, these are the most accurate memes in honor of their bond.


The Perfect Crossover

Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, was a distraction-filled workplace, led by the boss, Michael Scott, who regularly skipped out on work duties. While Michael cared less about the actual machinations of his job, Dwight, by virtue of his god-like worship of Jim, followed suit. The pattern of work was odd, but that’s not to say that the Scranton branch was incompetent.

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Michael, Jim, and Dwight were talented people, and once they got down to business, there was no stopping them. By melding Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Stanley’s faces with the Stranger Things cast, this meme encapsulates Scranton’s quirky vibe. It points to the fact that the dynamic duo, Jim and Dwight, turned Scranton into a place full of love and laughter.

Jim, Michael, & Dwight

Even though many memes sum up Michael and Dwight’s friendship on The Office, this one knocks it right out of the park with its accurate text. Whilst the office head, Michael, adored Jim, he couldn’t care any less about Dwight who, on the other hand, worshiped him. The bossman once compared Dwight to the oddball Kramer from the hit cult-classic sitcom, Seinfeld.

Jim would often pick on Dwight in Michael’s presence just to get a rise out of him, and the episode “Customer Survey” is a good example of this. Knowing full well that Michael would let inappropriate behavior slide, Jim pretended to be a rather difficult client named Bill Buttlicker for a practice sale just to treat Dwight rudely. Jim didn’t vie for Michael’s attention, but Dwight did, and ironically the former had it, while the latter didn’t.

The Vampire Diaries

Jim pulled difficult, demanding as well as spontaneous pranks on Dwight throughout The Office. The Pavlov experiment is one of his well-thought-out pranks, whereas pretending to turn into a vampire is among his most spontaneous.

This meme takes this Jim and Dwight still from season 3’s “Business School” to point out just how mischievous Jim was as a deskmate. Since Dwight would often give him and the other co-workers a hard time, the latter would resort to pranks to get square with him.

Creative Duo

When in “Product Recall,” Jim walked into the office dressed up as Dwight, the latter got agitated and asserted that identity theft was a serious crime. However, in the same episode, Dwight decided it was worth his time and effort to give Jim a taste of his own medicine, and thus impersonate him.

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What’s hilarious about this whole impersonating incident is that both Jim and Dwight seemed to have a good idea about each other’s mannerisms and physical ticks. Jim talked about bears and beets in Dwight’s aggressive tone, whereas Dwight made a squirmy face as a barb at him. This meme is proof that Dwight and Jim were a duo of creative frenemies and thanks to them, Scranton was an entertaining workplace.

Jim’s Priorities

Shortly after Jim came into the office dressed as Dwight, he spoke about the genesis of his impersonation. He said he’d seen $4 silver wire-frame eyeglasses at a drug store and spent a total of $11 to get the rest of Dwight’s signature look right.

This meme simply points to the fact that Jim planned the impersonation prank down to the last detail. Pulling pranks on Dwight was a huge part of why he loved being back at the Stanford branch, and his good-natured teasing was really a way to communicate with his deskmate.

Utica! Utica!

In the season 4 episode, “Branch Wars,” Michael encourages Jim and Dwight to help him steal an industrial copier from Dunder Mifflin, Utica, to get back at Karen for trying to poach Stanley. The trio dresses up as warehouse workers in the hopes of going undetected. Unsurprisingly, their plan fails and Jim’s ex, Karen Filippelli, catches him hiding from her.

Though the trio’s plan wasn’t the most immaculate, it was a breather from Jim and Dwight’s usual prank-playing. This meme is simply a throwback to one of the times Jim and Dwight joined forces in The Office and demonstrated what a great comedy duo they were.

Pavlovian Conditioning

The weeks-long conditioning aka the Pavlov experiment that Jim performed on Dwight in “Phyllis’ Wedding” is one of the cleverest pranks he devised on The Office. Much like the scientist, Ivan Pavlov, who trained his dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell, Jim managed to train Dwight into craving an Altoid at the sound of his computer.

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This meme is an ode to one of Jim’s most well-thought-out and memorable pranks on The Office. It sums up the fact that Jim was an ace prankster and having Dwight as his deskmate came with numerous perks. That said, Jim’s pranks got less and less mean-spirited with time, and the two antagonists began to warm up to each other, over time.

Pumpkin Head

One of the most underrated cold opens on The Office came in season 9’s Halloween-themed episode, “Here Comes The Treble,” which features Dwight getting his head stuck in a Pumpkin.

This meme is simply a throwback to Dwight’s “costliest decision” and Jim’s failed attempts to try to get the pumpkin out. The fact that Jim tried his best to free Dwight’s head proves that their friendship had changed over time and that they had begun to care deeply for one another.

The Alliance

When downsizing rumors begin to swirl around in “The Alliance,” the staff reacts in all sorts of ways. However, their reactions aren’t nearly as hilarious as Dwight inviting Jim to ally against other employees. This meme is a throwback to the time Dwight fell into Jim’s trap by believing his foil would accept his offer to form an alliance.

Though Jim readily agrees, he tells the camera that the fake alliance is just a means for him to get back at Dwight for being annoying. It is pertinent to mention that theirs was the kind of friendship that blossomed with time, and they hadn’t begun to trust each other back then.

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