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9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Grogu As A Character


Star Wars fans are getting to know all kinds of new characters through the new streaming show Andor. However, while some have made an impact on fans, these characters haven’t received as big of a welcome that The Mandalorian‘s Grogu.

Ever since his introduction in “Chapter One: The Mandalorian,” this little green Jedi has stolen hearts across the world. While the adorable Grogu hasn’t spoken yet, some fans already have a good understanding of who he is as a character and his personality (and have attempted to capture his essence through several memes).


Grogu Has The Potential To Steal The Show

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If there is one thing fans know about Grogu, it’s that he tends to take over the show (as this meme jokes). Wherever he and Mando go, bystanders tend to have at least some comment about his old green son.

While The Book Of Boba Fett doesn’t offer many clues about Grogu’s background, many viewers didn’t really care and tuned in because they wanted to see if he would eventually reunite with Mando. Their relationship has become a huge part of Star Wars, they had desperately been hoping the season 1 finale wasn’t the last time they saw each other.

Grogu Makes A Great Travel Companion

Throughout season 2, Mando kept insisting that the live-out-of-a-van life of a bounty hunter was not a great childhood for little Grogu. What he probably didn’t know was that few Jedi were in one place for very long, so Din’s little boy was probably fulfilling the life he would have had as a fully-fledged Padawan or Knight anyway.

Grogu gave the secretly soulful Din someone to open his heart to, and together, their skills made for the ultimate road team. This John Denver sing-along driving classic, then, is a perfect fit for his character.

Grogu Has A Great Love For Din Djaren

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Grogu is best characterized by his immediate love for Mando. Few would categorize any entry in the Star Wars franchise as a love story, despite the fact that most of them were marked with elements of romance. That was especially true of prequel film Attack of the Clones, which told the story of Anakin Skywalker’s marriage to the mother of Luke and Leia.

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Sentient beings, however, enjoy many more kinds of love than eros. In that sense, The Mandalorian is the greatest love story Star Wars ever told, with many examples of Din and son sacrificing for one another. They are one another’s in the purest possible sense.

Grogu Is Seen To Be Extremely Powerful

Grogu may be tiny, but he also has the potential to become one of the most powerful Jedis in Star Wars history. This series took instant classic status not just due to its compelling main character, a ruthless Mandalorian emotionally undone by a tiny scrap of a bounty, but its willingness to further explore the Force in a way that seemed respectful and made sense to fans.

The image in this scene is from a moment that Grogu didn’t affect with his Jedi powers, but its timing was so serendipitous that even he wondered if he might have had something to do with it. He may have had a high midichlorian count, but he still had more to learn about deploying the Force.

Grogu Isn’t A People Pleaser

Viewers who watch The Mandalorian closely probably noticed that Grogu doesn’t go out of his way to make friends. If others are kind to him, he tends to favor them with immediate smiles. However, nasty people get ferocious scowls.

If the Reddit reactions to The Mandalorian‘s season 3 trailer are anything to go by, Grogu will have a testy relationship with former rescuer Bo-Katan, and new friends (or enemies) are probably on the horizon for the new season.

Grogu Has Become A Fashion Icon

The Mandalorian is a visual feast, but Baby’s costumes are kept sober and mostly monochome, as befits a Jedi.

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Grogu’s lack of costume changes provide a sense of continuity for the Star Wars fanbase; Jedi aren’t known for their wild style, and this kid has no need for big costume changes. When his dad adopts a new look early in season 1, it signifies a major lifestyle change for him, and Grogu’s only accessories are his beskar armor and highly meaningful mythosaur necklace (both gifts from his father). These, along with his simple clothes, show the blending of his Jedi background and new Mandalorian influences.

Grogu Stays Out Of Other People’s Business

No matter what kind of situation he found himself in, Grogu was always chill. He might have been frightened, but he never panicked. Here, Grogu calmly sipped soup as his new dad battled the fearless Cara Dune in a guns-drawn fight to the almost-death. It was a warriors’ meeting that introduced an excellent ally to Mando, and one that obviously didn’t faze the baby one whit. Not much does, after all.

The rise of this meme began to replace the classic “but that’s none of my business” Kermit the Frog template. While other memes might more effectively sum up the entire Mandalorian enterprise, this one underlines the little Jedi’s enviable calm.

Grogu Enjoys Eating

Other than the Rancor, no Star Wars character has demonstrated more joy in snacks than Din Djarin’s 50-year-old baby.

Taking great delight when anyone offers him some free food, Grogu devours pretty much anything that is put in front of him (from bone broth, part of the Razor Crest, and, in one of his worst moments, the ice spiders ). It seems if anyone wants to get close to him, the way to his heart would be to put out a hearty feast.

Grogu Is Curious About A Lot Of Things In Life

Grogu is always curious, and sometimes gets himself into trouble when he wanders away from Dad. He probably didn’t get to explore much on his own, and seems eager to catch up on seeing the big wide galaxy.

Since boarding the Razor Crest, Grogu has shown a lot of moxie, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to looking to Din for direction and strength when unsure about a new environment. As plenty of Earth kids can attest, being abandoned at the register without the means to pay an enormous grocery bill is adventure enough for a whole year.

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