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A Mister Terrific Movie Can Pay Off A Black Adam Cliffhanger


Black Adam may not be moving forward in Gunn’s DCU, but a new character named Mister Terrific would be a perfect way to continue the JSA’s story.

While The Rock’s titular antihero from Black Adam may not continue to appear in the rebooted DCU, a Mister Terrific movie could be the opportunity to pay off one of the movie’s biggest cliffhangers. Black Adam set up a lot of major elements for the DCU, and some of them are so major that it would be hard to completely erase them from the franchise. Although not confirmed, it seems that James Gunn may be teasing that a movie based on DC’s Mister Terrific is in the works, and this could be his plan to continue one of Black Adam‘s biggest set-ups.


The DCU has been in a state of flux for a while, with the franchise lacking a clear sense of direction or messaging about what is canon. However, James Gunn and Peter Safran recently took over DC Studios, and their soft reboot of the DCU will come with a lot of changes. James Gunn recently teased a Mister Terrific project on Twitter, posting a picture of the character with no context. While everything is just speculation at the moment, it’s unlikely that there was no reason for this. A Mister Terrific movie or TV series would be incredibly interesting, especially because of how Black Adam could play into it.

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Mister Terrific Can Lead The JSA After Doctor Fate’s Death

Doctor Fate with his hand outstretched

Black Adam introduced the Justice Society of America, a team of superheroes that is incredibly important in the comics. In the DCU, the team is made up of Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and its leader, Doctor Fate. However, the powerful sorcerer dies at the end of Black Adam, leaving the Justice Society without a leader and the Helmet of Fate without a champion. While there are other JSA members in the DCU that could take over the leadership position, James Gunn has already teased an exciting replacement in Mister Terrific.

In the comics, Mister Terrific is a superhero known for his ability to master almost any skill due to his genius-level intellect. For a time, Mister Terrific was actually elected chairman of the Justice Society, despite him not actually running for it. Gunn’s introduction of Mister Terrific could continue Doctor Fate’s story, having the character take over the team. Not only would this carry on Black Adam‘s story, but it would also add an interesting angle to it. Having a team led by someone who doesn’t want to be a leader is something that hasn’t been done before, giving the superhero team a unique twist.

Why Mister Terrific Can Play A Big Part In The New DCU

Mr Terrific Arrow Season 5

If Mister Terrific is introduced into the DCU, he will probably play a major part in the franchise. Mister Terrific is one of the first new DCU characters James Gunn has teased, with Gunn’s early introduction of the character meaning that he could have big plans for the hero. Although he’s not a widely-known character, Mister Terrific is considered one of DC Comics’ smartest characters, meaning he will be hugely influential once introduced. With Superman being recast and Batman being up in the air, having Mister Terrific become the JSA’s chairman would solidify his DCU importance while also continuing the story of Black Adam.

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