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All 7 Transformer Types Found In The Movie Franchise


The Transformers movie franchise has featured many robot characters, and here is every type of Transformer confirmed in the universe. Paramount launched its live-action Transformers movie franchise in 2007 with Michael Bay directing the film. The movie took its time introducing audiences to the idea of transforming robots that often looked like cars or other vehicles by focusing on its human characters first. However, once the Transformers characters based on Hasbro’s popular toys were introduced, the franchise has continued to expand the mythology associated with the aliens made of living metal.

For as much attention as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee receive in the Transformers movies, they are only two characters who are part of a single faction of Transformers. The movies have introduced several different groups as the sequels have been released. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts even plays a massive role in expanding the reach of the Transformers by introducing new types of robots that each have specific histories. These are all six Transformers types featured in the Transformers movie franchise so far.



7 Autobots

The Autobots assemble on Earth in Transformers

Autobots are the main Transformer type featured in the Transformers movies. They were created by the Creators and originally called Cybertron their home before the Cybertronian War began. This led to the heroic faction of the Transformers to flee Cybertron and eventually settle on Earth as their new home. They are ruled by the seven Primes, which include characters featured in the Transformers movies like Prima and Megatronus Prime. The Autobots have been at the forefront of every Transformers movie, as they repeatedly have helped protect Earth from various threats connected to the events of the Cybertronian War.

The prominent role for the Autobots in the movie franchise has given Optimus Prime and Bumblebee recurring roles, as they have appeared in every entry so far. The Autobots who appeared in the first Transformers include Jazz, Ratchet, and Ironhide, while Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen brought in Sideswipe, Jolt, Arcee, and more. Transformers: Dark of the Moon added Autobots like the Wreckers: Roadbuster, Topspin, and Leadfoot. Transformers: Age of Extinction also brought Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs, while Transformers: The Last Knight included the likes of Cogman, Hot Rod, and more. Bumblebee brought back several Autobots and added Brawn to the mix, while Transformers: Rise of the Beasts includes Mirage.

6 Decepticons

Transformers: The last Knight - Megatron

The other main Transformers type in the Transformers movies is Decepticons. The evil versions of the robots share the same origin as the Autobots, although the villainous Transformers faction rises up for the Cybertronian War to try and bring down the heroic faction. They were founded by Megatronus Prime, who became known as The Fallen once he became opposed to the Autobots’ mission and ways. The Fallen disagreed with the other Primes who vowed to not harvest Energon from suns that had inhabited planets. Once The Fallen became lost, Megatron picked up the reigns of the Decepticon faction and led them in the Cybertronian War.

As the main villains of the Transformers movie franchise, Decepticons have been featured repeatedly. Megatron is the biggest recurring threat to the Autobots, as he appeared in all five of Michael Bay’s movies, including going by Galvatron in Transformers: Age of Extinction. The first Transformers film included notable Decepticons like Starscream, Blackout, Brawl, Bonecrusher, and Barricade. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen introduced Grindor, Shockwave, and Sideways, while Transformers: Dark of the Moon included Laserbeak, Shockwave, and Sentinel Prime, who defected from the Autobots. Other notable Decepticons in the Transformers movies include Stinger, Onslaught, Shatter, and Dropkick.

5 Constructicons

Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen

There is also a sub-type of Decepticons in the Transformers movies known as Constructicons. Featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the Constructicons are Decepticons whose vehicle form is some type of construction vehicle. This Transformers type featured many who were combiners, allowing a collection of the Constructicons to create Devastator. There are also known Constructicons like Demolisher and Rampage who did not combine to create the behemoth Transformer.

4 Dinobots

Dinobots - Transformers 4Dinobots - Transformers 4

Another type of Transformers in the movie franchise is known as Dinobots. They are a sub-group of the Autobot faction, although they traditionally have a complicated relationship with Optimus Prime’s group. The Dinobots debuted in the Transformers films in Transformers: Age of Extinction and returned for the sequel. Grimlock, the Tyrannosaurus Rex-shaped Transformer, is the leader of the Dinobots. He has been featured alongside Slug, Strafe, and Scorn. There are also Mini Dinobots in the Transformers movie franchise, which is how Mini Grimlock, Mini Slug, and Mini Strafe joined Transformers: The Last Knight.

3 Maximals

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Trailer Optimus Primal

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts introduced a new Transformer type in the movies by including the Maximals. In the usual Transformers lore, Maximals are another faction that evolved from the Autobots. They are descendants of the Autobots and came to be following the Great War, the third Cybertronian War, when all Autobots took part in the Great Upgrade to become Maximals. This Transformer type has upgraded abilities compared to the Autobots, allowing them to change into animal forms with artificial organic skin. They are the main protagonists in the Beast Wars storyline, as the heroic offshoot of Autobots.

Introducing the Maximals in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will bring a few of the group’s biggest members into the franchise. This includes the Maximal leader Optimus Primal, whose beast mode resembles a gorilla. The new Transformers group in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will also bring recon and surveillance specialist Airazor (bird beast mode), tech expert Cheetor (cheetah beast mode), and Rhinox (rhino beast mode). Other Beasts Wars characters are likely to be seen as part of the faction too.

2 Terrorcons

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Scourge Kill Transformers

Another new Transformer type that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts features are the Terrorcons. They are descendants of Decepticons and a notoriously evil faction of Transformers. The origin and history of Terrorcons have evolved and changed over time, but they began by being constructed from dead Transformers using Dark Energon. They are essentially zombielike versions of Transformers who can even survive apparent death thanks to an Anti-Spark. They have also been portrayed as combiners that form Abominus, so Transformers: Rise of the Beasts could combine the different stories together to explain the Terrorcons.

There are only two Terrorcons confirmed to be part of this Transformer type in the movie franchise. Scourge will be the Terrorcon leader and main villain of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. His mission will bring Nightbird into the story as his right hand and as a giant female ninja robot. The threat posed by the Terrorcons could also bring other notable members of the Transformer faction into the movie, such as their original leader Hun-Gurrr, Rippersnapper, Blot, Sinnertwin, Cutthroat, and Cindersaur.

1 Predacons

Predacons in Beast Wars Transformers Animated Series.

The Predacons are another Transformer type featured in the movies after Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. They are also descendants of the Decepticons and are traditionally the main villains of the Beast Wars era. Predacons are evil Transformers with beast modes, making them the villainous counterpart to the Maximals, and traditionally take on animal forms that are reptilian, amphibian, or invertebrate. Although it is confirmed that Predacons will be in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, it is not officially known which Predacon characters will be featured as the new Transformer type make its movie debut.

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