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American Horror Story: Coven – The Meaning Of Myrtle’s Last Word “Balenciaga!”

Myrtle Snow’s last word in American Horror Story: Coven is “Balenciaga!” Here’s the meaning behind her odd choice of parting word.

Myrtle’s last words in AHS are among the show’s most mysterious moments — here is the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning explained. American Horror Story: Coven is the third season of Ryan Murphy’s popular anthology series. Primarily following teenager Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga), Coven follows a group of witches at Miss Robichaux’s Academy as they learn how to conquer the seven wonders and become the school’s next Supreme. The third season of American Horror Story has a great cast of Ryan Murphy favorites, such as Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe. However, by far one of the most interesting characters is Myrtle Snow, played by Frances Conroy.


Myrtle Snow in American Horror Story: Coven is the head of the Witch’s Council, alongside Quentin (Leslie Jordan) and Cecily (Robin Bartlett), and comes to Robichaux’s to determine who killed Madison Montgomery (Roberts). Myrtle has a famously contentious relationship with current Supreme Fiona Goode (Lange) and is quick to push blame her way. Funnily enough, Myrtle is burned at the stake twice in American Horror Story: Coven, but after her first burning she is resurrected by Misty Day (Rabe). Her second execution takes place because she convinces Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) to do so for killing her colleagues. It’s at this point she shouts “Balenciaga!” before she is burned alive. Here’s the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning explained.

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“Balenciaga!” Was Myrtle’s Quirky Sense Of Humor In Motion

american horror story coven myrtle frances conroy

Myrtle Snow is also a surrogate mother to Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), which forms a lot of drama throughout American Horror Story: Coven. Poor Myrtle is burned at the stake not once but twice in Coven, but she is resurrected following the first attempt by Fiona. In the finale “The Seven Wonders,” Myrtle decides she must burn again for what she considers dishonorable actions, which Cordelia — the Coven’s new Supreme — very reluctantly accepts, bringing about the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning.

Ever the fashionista, Myrtle dons an eye-popping red dress as she’s led to the stake in American Horror Story: Coven’s finale, and as the flames are about to consume her, she cries out “Balenciaga!”, prompting everyone to wonder the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning. This is actually the name of a luxury fashion brand, but oddly, her dress isn’t a Balenciaga since the show couldn’t afford to buy such a dress for the scene. Ryan Murphy revealed there’s no real deeper significance to Myrtle yelling this out, and it’s just in keeping with the character’s quirky sense of humor. Either way, it can’t be denied she went out in style.

“Balenciaga!” Confirms Why Myrtle Was One Of The Best AHS Characters

Myrtle Snow standing and looking at someone in American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story is full of memorable characters over the course of its many seasons, but Myrtle Snow and the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning will always stand out for her effortless combination of humor, high fashion, and dedication to her coven, and this was fully demonstrated by her final utterance. Likable, hilarious, and endlessly watchable, Myrtle (and actor Frances Conroy) made American Horror Story: Coven a season to remember, and it’s fitting that she ended on such an iconic note. Murphy was able to immortalize everything great about Myrtle into her final moments on American Horror Story, making sure she ended on the character note she deserved without it feeling shoehorned or hammy.

Balenciaga Wasn’t Myrtle’s Last Word After All

Myrtle Snow smoking a cigarrette in AHS Coven

It turns out that the Balenciaga American Horror Story meaning behind Myrtle’s last words aren’t her last words at all, because the character returned again in season 8, American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Myrtle Snow and the rest of the girls in Coven were integral to the plot of Apocalypse, as their main role was to help take down Michael and his many nukes. In fact, it’s possible that Myrtle’s role in Apocalypse overshadows that of her part in Coven, as she’s able to show off more of her powers. One of the greatest promises that Ryan Murphy delivered on was that all seasons of American Horror Story are connected, and Apocalypse did the perfect job of proving that by including characters like Myrtle Snow in the scheme. Myrtle Snow is definitively one of the most interesting characters that American Horror Story has ever had on their roster, and it’ll be great to see who Frances Conroy gets to play next.

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