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‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9 Fashion Recap: For Charity’s Sake

You know a finale is around the corner when a show gathers all the main characters in one location together for the first time. And Just Like That… episode 9 finds Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Lisa, Nya, and Seema in—get ready for it—Brooklyn. They’re volunteering to paint a women’s shelter, though Lisa doesn’t exactly get the memo. She may have gotten a limo instead of the 10-person van she ordered, but there’s no explaining her elaborate Moschino get-up and thigh-high heeled boots. “What’s with the camera?,” Miranda whispers to Carrie. “This isn’t an Instagram opportunity.” (Speaking of exotic locations, there’s strangely no mention of Miranda’s surprise appearance at Che’s “comedy concert” in Cleveland.) See LTW’s latest and more of this week’s most notable looks below, and catch up on last week’s here.

Presenting: Charlotte’s reaction when Miranda announces that she has a favor—and it involves going to Brooklyn. It also involves painting a women’s shelter, meaning Charlotte will have to take a break from her recent string of feminine Gucci blouses. After acquiescing, she informs Miranda and Carrie that she’s officially going through menopause… or so she thinks.

After an underling calls in sick, Anthony boldly takes on the role of his bread company’s titular “Hot Fella.” We’d love to know what Stanford has to say about those short shorts, but Anthony has already moved on. When Charlotte asks if the dude he wants to bring to dinner at her place is “appropriate for children,” he responds with another Samantha-like quip: “I think so—I can’t find his dick anywhere online.”

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Seema dons an uncharacteristic sparkly blue dress for a night out at the club on her 54th birthday. There’s just one snag: Not even Carrie can persuade the doorman to let them in. (Where’s Lisette when you need her?) Aghast to learn that Carrie is under Miranda’s orders to not be the white lady who just writes a check, she graciously offers to escort her to Nya’s charity event.

Lily “would rather die” than use a tampon, but an upcoming pool party leaves her with no choice. If her pale blue ensemble were pink, she’d be Charlotte in miniature.

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Carrie shows up early to what is definitely not a “lunch date” with Peter at Dante, long after its beloved Negroni happy hour window has wrapped. Spidey senses tingling, he quickly deduces that Carrie—who just had an emotional encounter with Big’s wedding ring in the fake floral brooch drawer of her walk-in closet—has no intention of sitting down with him. She quickly confirms as much, telling him that she wanted to break the news of the ditch in person. Of course, she still dressed for the occasion, wearing a sheer shirt and custom Mary Jane Louboutin bag.

Surprisingly, Che didn’t remark on the fact that Miranda told two strangers that she’s their “girlfriend” on a dinner date, so we can’t exactly blame her for going out on a limb by showing up on their doorstep with her go-to accessories combo—a leather bag by Loewe and a giant $1,000 backpack by Shinola—and some cookies. Her presence clearly isn’t welcome, and Miranda promptly loses it. Che handles the situation with the grace (and Sara Ramirez acts it out wonderfully). Eventually, they kindly inform Miranda they aren’t dating—they’re “getting to know each other.”

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Nya makes a very welcome return in a floral tracksuit. She just found out the event’s caterer canceled, and is filling Miranda and Carrie in when a limo pulls up. The “prom queen,” as Carrie puts it, turns out to be Charlotte, plus Charlotte’s personal queen Lisa and both of their kids.

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Miranda is horrified to discover Lisa is unabashedly toting a camera. With her husband’s mayoral run no doubt on her mind, Lisa promptly informs Nya that the photos are meant to help her nonprofit with fund-raising. As for her painting fit, well, can you imagine LTW stepping foot into even the swanky Flatiron branch of Home Depot? Naturally, she’s in a Moschino “Safari Essential Kit” jacket stuffed with makeup brushes, plus a pair of short shorts and thigh-high heels that would turn heads on any occasion.

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If your heart didn’t go out to Steve before, get ready to watch him desperately appeal to Carrie about where things went wrong with Miranda and save the day by rescuing Big’s wedding ring from the drain. (Reader, I teared up when he said “I get it—this ain’t never coming off” of his own wedding ring. “I don’t care what Miranda does. Till death do us part… Never coming off.”) He’s in full wholesome dad mode, sporting Saucony sneakers and a tee-and-long-sleeves combo, while Carrie pays the price for pairing her vintage Gap overalls with nearly six-inch Aquazzura heels.

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There’s nothing like a white jumpsuit to showcase the fact that actually, you aren’t in menopause after all. Lily’s horror of tampons is nothing compared to her reaction when she spots her mom’s extremely prominent stain, which Carrie quickly attends to by tying a sweater around her waist.

And just like that, Carrie was up for a dance. Luckily, take two is a success for her and Seema. They breeze into the club wearing, respectively, a fuchsia blazer and statement necklace and an olive green studded dress. Seema’s decision to take an extremely prolonged smoke break instead of joining in the painting led to a chance encounter with the owner, who’ll no doubt figure into the finale. He must really be something if Seema willingly returned to Greenpoint.

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