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AndaSeat Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair on Sale During Early Black Friday Event


AndaSeat’s Early Black Friday Sale includes the Fnatic Premium Gaming Chairt

AndaSeat has announced its early Black Friday Sale, and the company has included one of their most comfortable and ergonomic gaming chairs yet, the Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair. If you, like many of us at ScreenRant, love spending hours playing your favorite video games, a gaming chair is by far the most comfortable option. Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure your body is not going to endure any damage while sitting for extended periods of time, taking pressure off of your spine. The best gaming chairs do this whilst providing comfortable cushioning to allow for hours of enjoyable gaming. If you’re interested in the best of the best, we have compiled a list of the top ten gaming chairs. The Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair is on sale on the AndaSeat website for a limited time.


Buy Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair on AndaSeat

How the AndaSeat Fnatic Gaming Chair Offers Hours of Comfortable Gaming


The AndaSeat Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair has been designed and tested by multiple gaming experts to ensure the best possible design to maximize your time spent gaming. The Re-Dense Molded Foam has been implemented for a few different reasons; to provide the perfect balance of strength and resilience and to overcome the dreaded ‘sag’ that other gaming chairs fall victim to. Also provided is a very comfortable head pillow and a XL lumbar support which is designed to keep your spine in a safe, neutral position. The design is perfect for both gamers and office workers who spend hours sitting down at their desk, for both work and leisure.

What Reactive Rocking and 160° Recline Mean for Your Gaming Experience


With a stylish orange and black design, the Fnatic Premiun Gaming Chair has the ability to recline 160° backwards, helpful if you want to take a nap between lobbies or when on your lunch break. You can sit in any angle you prefer and when comfortable, lock your chair in that position. Fnatic are one of the world’s leading Esports brand and their logo is proudly displayed on the face of this Premium Gaming Chair resulting in a very smart and tidy design. This chair comes in Extra-Large and you can pick it up in AndaSeat’s early Black Friday Sale on a bargain.

Buy the Fnatic Premium Gaming Chair on Andaseat


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