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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Netflix Role Shows The Secret To His Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger is arguably the master of mixing comedy action. As the trailer proves, his new Netflix show will let him do just that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s streaming venture FUBAR perfectly encapsulates the key to his career. The 75-year-old actor, former politician, and bodybuilder has certainly enjoyed an eclectic professional journey, running the gamut from Mr. Universe to Governor of California. However, while his resumé is as impressive as it is varied, his acting has always relied on two unique traits that have made him a household name. As the FUBAR trailer demonstrates, this is just as true today as it was during Schwarzenegger’s peak.

Although he began his career in muscle-bound B-movies such as Hercules in New York, Schwarzenegger has cemented his status as one of the world’s most iconic action superstars. His performances in the Terminator franchise, Commando, Predator, and The Running Man earned him international acclaim, with his infamous catchphrases becoming an intrinsic part of his character. However, while he became known for a string of violent blockbusters, there was always another aspect to Schwarzenegger’s acting that not only helped him stand apart from the crowd but has continued right through to his more contemporary work like FUBAR.

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FUBAR Shows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Acting Career Balance

Arnold Schwarzenegger In Netflix Show FUBAR with a scruffy beard sitting behind the wheel of a car

Just like older Schwarzenegger hits like Red Heat and Total Recall, it’s evident that FUBAR will be laced with humor to complement the action. In this way, the Netflix series is the perfect continuation of Schwarzenegger’s career, as the actor has always taken on more tongue-in-cheek roles than many of his contemporaries. Comedic ventures like Twins, Jingle All The Way, and Kindergarten Cop all demonstrate the actor’s comedy chops and prove that his greatest strength has always been in mixing comedy and action. If the FUBAR trailer is anything to go by, this trend is set to continue.

Not only does the FUBAR trailer feature a nod to Schwarzenegger’s eponymous “I’ll be back” catchphrase (indicative of a self-aware tone), but the short clip prominently features a moment of slapstick comedy between the veteran and Fortune Feimster. This highlights how the Netflix series will play into Schwarzenegger’s long-established penchant for comedic action. Coupled with a spy premise that could serve as a sequel to the actor’s 1994 hit True Lies, it’s clear that FUBAR is well aware of its leading man’s history and ability to expertly strike the balance between laughs and thrills.

Why FUBAR Is Promising For Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger In FUBAR making a tough face while walking down a dirty alley with a dumpster fire happening in the background

Such is Schwarzenegger’s success in blending comedy and action that FUBAR could well be a success for Netflix. Thus far, the streamer has struggled for a bona fide comedy action hit, with projects like Red Notice generally disappointing critics. However, Schwarzenegger’s history means that he could well be the man to strike the correct balance for the service, finally delivering the action-comedy hit it craves.

While superstars like Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds are no strangers to lighthearted action, Arnold Schwarzenegger arguably invented the form. His acting pedigree and demonstrable sense of humor prove that he has what it takes to elevate what could be considered an unoriginal premise. In casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR, Netflix may have inadvertently stumbled across the key to finally kick-starting its own successful action-comedy franchise.

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