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Art The Clown’s Scariest Scene Wasn’t In Terrifier 2 (Or The Original)

Warning! SPOILERS for Terrifier 2The undeniable star of the indie horror splatter-fest Terrifier 2 is the psychotic, bloodthirsty jester himself, Art the Clown. Though much publicity was directed towards Terrifier 2‘s controversial bedroom scene, Art’s scariest scene actually appeared in an earlier film. Art the Clown’s first feature film appearance was in Damien Leone’s All Hallows Eve, a portmanteau film with each of the filmmaker’s short films presented as if watched on a VHS tape found by young trick-or-treaters and their babysitter Sarah. The Terrifier precursor concludes with a terrifying scene that displays the true extent of Art’s powers and subversive nature.


All Hallows Eve‘s final scene depicts Art toying with a victim through a television, leading to Art banging on the television screen from the other side. Sarah turns off the television and discovers a blood-dripped Art on the staircase, having brutally beheaded Sarah’s two young wards. The audience, like Sarah, are under the erroneous belief that the terror will cease if the television is switched off. Unlike rival killer clown Pennywise, Art threatens to smash his way through the glass of the television and enter the real world. This theme was, of course, explored in the classic J-horror film Ringu (The Ring), except in Art’s case the creeping threat of death does not merely climb out of the television before us, but it rather appears suddenly, bold as brass with its grim work already complete.

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The Gore Isn’t Why Art The Clown Is Scary

Art the Clown Terrifier All Hallows Eve TV

Art is scary because he threatens to cross the fourth-wall boundaries of cinema. Audiences create a contract with a movie, that the unpleasantness depicted will be kept contained within the film, leaving the audience free to look away during moments of horror and even leave when the credits begin to roll. Though Art the Clown’s powers are still somewhat vague, as Art crosses this cinematic boundary, he breaks the viewer/movie contract, thereby undermining the audiences’ sense of safety. The gore is predictable, the way Art seems unbound by cinematic codes is not, and this is why he is truly unsettling. Indeed, during the closing credits of All Hallows Eve, Art reappears, interrupting the credits and not allowing his audience to leave the cinema. Art begins to walk towards the screen in the same manner he had Sarah, but Art no longer has his sights on the babysitter, now he’s coming for his audience.

What’s The Scariest Scene In Terrifier 2?

Terrifier 2 Art the Clown

The latest of Art’s excursions make dynamic use of this unsettling character trait, particularly in the Terrifier 2 post-credits scene. ​​​​​​​The post-credits scene is one of the most disturbing for the very same notion. Though still drenched with Art’s trademark excessive blood, the closing sequence depicts the villain’s return before the audience have had a chance to escape. Interestingly, during this scene in Terrifier 2, similar words has been daubed on the wall in blood as were in All Hallows Eve. Evidently this marks a pattern for Art, a pattern now repeated by a supposed victim at the close of Terrifier 2. Obviously, what’s considered “scary” is subjective, but with Art, the threat of potential violence is far more terrifying than the gore-laden torture scenes themselves. The sunglasses scene and the trick-or-treat scene are standouts which only needed to pose the threat of abject violence to be incredibly effective.

Terrifier 2 is undoubtedly the most successful film in the wider Art the Clown franchise, fleshing the killer clown out with some glimpses of backstory. All Hallows Eve reveals an Art the Clown fully formed and wielding much of his transcendent capabilities. In his first feature film, Art the Clown declares his presence so successfully, that the character achieved a cult fandom long before Terrifier 2 hit the cinemas. Screenings of Terrifier 2 have been extended throughout the US and movie is also now available to stream on multiple platforms.

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