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Batman Reveals One Of His Villains Will Always Be Hated By The Others


The Court of Owls take credit for creating Batman, which means all of the villains who regularly fight Batman wouldn’t be too happy with them.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Batman/Spawn #1It’s no surprise that Batman has a wide cast of enemies who like to team up with each other, but the Court of Owls will always be hated by the other villains of Gotham City, and for good reason.

In a crossover fans have been waiting for, the new Batman/Spawn miniseries sees the titular heroes reunite for their first team-up since the 1990s. This time the main villain is the Court of Owls along with their trademark assassin, Talon. Batman believes the Court of Owls, along with Spawn’s Court of Priests, have been manipulating timeframes so that Batman and Spawn both believe their loved ones—Batman’s parents and Spawn’s wife—died at the exact same moment. This pits the two heroes against each other as they each blame one another for their loved ones’ deaths, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth.


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In Batman/Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo, Batman and Spawn eventually put aside their differences and work together to bring the Court of Owls and all of those working with them to justice. However, they both vary greatly in their means to accomplish that as Spawn isn’t reluctant to kill the same way Batman is. They end up luring Talon to Arkham Asylum, where Batman threatens to release all of the inmates. Although they all hate Batman, Talon brags about how the Court of Owls orchestrated the death of Bruce’s parents, resulting in Batman’s creation. This leads Batman to deduce that all of the villains he would release would hate Talon almost as much as him.

The Court Of Owls Created Batman

batman and talon face off

This line is very revealing about Talon’s relationship with Batman’s other villains. All of the DC villains, but Batman’s especially, are notorious for working together. That means villains almost have their own little social club in Gotham’s underground. Even Joker, for all of his anarchism and craziness, is often included in their schemes. However, this interaction reveals that Talon wouldn’t be included in a villain team-up.

This also makes a lot of sense given the type of villain Talon is and who he works for. The Court of Owls don’t consider themselves villains. They considered themselves Gotham’s true arbiters and architects. Their schemes don’t involve villainy outright. They just view themselves as above the law and vigilantism. Because of this, they would not lower themselves to the petty criminality of villains like Riddler and Penguin. The Court of Owls are a higher class of criminal, so as their tool, Talon would be a Batman villain who is perfectly fine working alone.

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Batman/Spawn #1 is now available from DC Comics.


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