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Battlefield 2042 On Xbox Game Pass Means I’ll Finally Try It


Battlefield 2042 left a majority of would-be players ignoring it for a multitude of valid reasons, but going free offers a risk-free chance to try it.

Battlefield 2042‘s infamous release has deterred most people from giving it a first or second glance, but the game’s recent inclusion in game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass means a risk-free chance to give the game a fair shake. It’s no secret Battlefield 2042 was released in a nearly unplayable state and ostracized both the series fans and prospective new players. As is tradition with many modern AAA service games, the developers seem to be focused on building the game up over the years regardless of how severely botched a launch the game had. Now that the BF2042‘s had time to gestate, and the price is a cool zero for subscribers, it might be time to see if it will experience the same post-launch appreciation as DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Between DICE’s experience with handling prior bad Battlefront launches and problems and the fact Battlefield 2042 will be included in Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, it might be worth it for players to at least check on the game throughout the seasons. While it’d be hard to blame anybody for staying away from Battlefield 2042, it’s also hard to justify not at least giving the game a fair look before gamers make up their mind about it. Technical issues and cut corners were the largest factors to blame for BF2042‘s awful experiences at launch and as content is restored along with bugs fixed, every new season is another update closer to what Battlefield 2042 could’ve potentially been, instead of the maligned and dashed beta build players got at release.

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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Is The Perfect Time To Try It Out

Does Xbox Being Battlefield 2042's Official Console Mean Anything?

While it’s certainly up for debate if players should spend any money on the game in its current state, many players are already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass in 2022 and will be able to play it when season three releases. Players should try it for free and see if their game experience differs from release, or if they’ve been kept away by the negative reaction, see if their experience differs from the majority. DICE and EA have, at least temporarily, removed most barriers of entry toward getting the game into the hands of players in the hopes that Battlefield 2042 may yet find favor in the masses.

At the same time, the easiest time to get into Battlefield 2042 will also be the best time yet with more additions coming in season three. Besides the numerous bug fixes and content additions of seasons one and two, season three will also bring some Battlefield 2042 overhauled maps like breakaway and manifest. After the initial season three update, there will also be a follow-up that reintroduces the fan-favorite class system and reorganizes the current specialists.

Battlefield 2042‘s disastrous launch makes it hard to see any redemption down the line for it, but the move to give players a chance to check it out on Xbox Game Pass seems to be a step in the right direction toward getting people talking about it once more. The Battlefield series has seen more and more distaste levied at it with each recent sequel, making previous entries seem that much better in comparison. DICE and EA seem to be aware Battlefield 2042 needs to be a better game and are trying their hardest for the sake of the Battlefield series, but it’s hard to tell if season 3 and Xbox Game Pass will be enough to rescue the game, and the series, from infamy.

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