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Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa Will Make You Miss Summer Already

Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have both spent the bulk of August posting up a storm of photos showcasing their individual expert vacation style. Lipa had been doing so from her native Albania, but it turns out she ended up joining Hadid in Ibiza for a trip that’s all but guaranteed to make you want to board a plane immediately. On Thursday, the pair shared a trove of photos of them together, documenting the full extent to which they had a ball (and looked fashionable while doing so). Naturally, each carousel was chockfull of throwbacks to ‘90s and early aughts fashion, starting with another of Hadid’s array of colorful butterfly hair clips.

Hadid started out with yet another look at the sunset-print PRISCAvera swimsuit and mesh skirt she repeatedly posted last week. She then offered a glimpse at a rare departure from swimwear, worn to the pair’s impromptu dance party with Lipa’s little sister Rina: a pink tank top and baggy athletics pants, accessorized with white Yeezy runners and well over a dozen beaded bracelets. Lipa also packed plenty of jewelry, but took a much different approach, casually sporting a $22,000 serpent-shaped Bulgari diamond ring. Her boyfriend, Hadid’s brother Anwar, surprisingly didn’t wear any accessories—he’s a jewelry designer in addition to a model—but did stick with his newfound habit of painting his nails.

In full vacation mode, the pair read books by the pool, looking straight out of a scene from The White Lotus. And Hadid in particular went all in on pepperoni pizza, posting two photos of pies to her grid in three days. Alas, their vacation is now over. And while it doesn’t seem like you’ll be seeing Lipa in a another itsy-bitsy crochet bikini anytime soon, stay tuned for more of the pair: They just touched down in London, and have already delivered another throwback to Y2K.

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