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Ben Stiller Becomes Kratos In Celebrity-Filled Ad

A hilarious new ad for God of War Ragnarök is filled with celebrity cameos, as Ben Stiller becomes Kratos to host a family therapy session for pop culture icons. The highly anticipated sequel is set to conclude Kratos and Atreus’ journey through Norse mythology when it finally releases next week. A God of War Ragnarok behind-the-scenes series is giving players an ongoing deep dive into development ahead of launch, and now Ben Stiller and friends are helping celebrate the game’s impending release too.


A brand-new God of War Ragnarok ad, posted to YouTube by PlayStation, features worldwide celebrities like Ben Stiller, LeBron James and John Travolta. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the lighthearted “Super Bowl-level” video sees Stiller assume the role of Kratos, complete with the mythic hero’s tattoos and Leviathan Axe, as he relates Kratos and Atreus’ relationship to real life. Ben Stiller’s son Quinn fills in for Atreus, with Bronny James and Ella Travolta begrudgingly attending the group therapy session too. The ad puts a comedic spin on the father-son dynamic that will play a prominent role in God of War Ragnarok when it launches on November 9.

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God of War Ragnarok Delves Deeper Into Kratos & Atreus’ Dynamic

While combat will be even more brutal in the upcoming sequel, the relationship between Kratos and Atreus in God of War Ragnarok will also evolve from the last game. 2018’s God of War saw Kratos train Atreus as a warrior, while Atreus drew humanity and emotion out of his Spartan father. In God of War Ragnarok the two are expected to be closer physically and emotionally, with Atreus guiding Kratos across the Nine Realms rather than the other way around. Kratos will no longer call Atreus “boy” like he famously did in the previous game, reflecting his son’s increased age and their newfound respect for each other.

Many fans are looking forward to God of War Ragnarok for its story as much as its fast-paced combat, though spoilers have sadly begun spreading across the internet. These God of War Ragnarok spoilers, which have been condemned by developer Santa Monica Studios, contain details about major plot points and exciting new gameplay features that would best be experienced by players first-hand. The father-son dynamic between Kratos and Atreus is sure to take twists and turns over the course of their next journey, and spoilers risk ruining the drama.

With the release of God of War Ragnarok quickly approaching, a shocking group of enormous celebrities has come together to celebrate the occasion. According to Ben Stiller the relationship that every parent has with their child is similar to Kratos and Atreus’ dynamic in some ways, and that includes LeBron James and John Travolta. By giving Ben Stiller a surprisingly accurate Kratos costume, this God of War Ragnarok ad manages to convey the most fascinating themes of the upcoming action epic.

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Sources: PlayStation/YouTube, Entertainment Weekly

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    Ragnarok has arrived in God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the 2018 game of the year released on PlayStation 4. Three years have passed since Kratos and his son, Atreus completed their quest across the realms while facing off with a small handful of Norse gods. However, their actions come with consequences. The Allfather, Odin, is ready for vengeance, and his son, Thor, is leading the charge. Atreus, looking to find more answers to the questions of his lineage bestowed to him by his mother, embarks on another quest with his father to discover the truth while contending with the wrath of Odin’s realm. New friends and allies will help them on their journey, but some allies turned foes will seek to end them before Fimbulwinter comes to a close. God of War Ragnarok will conclude the Norse saga of God of War and launch on November 9 2022.

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