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Utarakhand is a trekking sky or the Land of Gods. Uttarakhand trekking sites display various topographies for hikers. Trails run across the luxury wetlands, untouched lakes, the most picturesque mountain hiking tracks in Uttarakhand’s villages, the lonely Himalayan valleys, and treks between snowy mountains, thick forests. A state is an ideal place for hikers and pilgrims alike, along with notable pilgrimages, sacred temples, sacred rivers, and mountainous peaks.

We selected several trekking routes among the various hikes in Uttarakhand. We have arranged the easiest walks first, followed by medium-grade treks and ultimately the hardest ones in Uttarakhand, in a rising grade level;

Here are some of Uttarakhand’s top treks.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is one of the easiest hiking trips in the region of Uttarakhand and is a traditional weekend trek for beginners. This is an easy hiking tour that stretches for only 2 days and takes you up to an altitude of 9,915 meters, 20 miles away. Wonders of this trek include the beautiful campground, the high mountain tops, the sacred shrine of Nag Devta, on mountain top. Nag Tibba is an all-season trek that is possible all year round.

Har ki Dun Trek

A jewel in the Uttarakhand crown is Har Ki Dun, a cradle-shaped suspended valley. Har Ki Dun Trek has one floor with Uttarakhand’s unsurpassed beauty. The 47-km-long walk is 7 days in length, reaching 11,700 feet above sea level. The easy to moderate level walk is mythical and provides hikers with an incredible experience. It brings you through the gorgeous Ton valley, glistening mountains, thick forests, and offers stunning glaciers such as Jalandhar Glacier and Swargarohini mountains. Har Ki Dun is one of the few hikes all year long except in the monsoons in the winter/summer.

Valley of Flowers Trek

It takes 6 days to walk through this easy level hike for the 38-kilometer excursion. The expedition leads you to a magnificent 14,100 meters above sea level, Achaa “Phoolon Ki Ghati.” The Flowers Valley Trek, which is the most vivid Himalayan destination, crosses countless areas of beautiful flowers. The trekking ground is surrounded by boiling mountain rivers, brilliant willows, strong peaks, religious spots, high mountain lakes, and holy rivers. A must-do trip for botanists, nature lovers, bird watchers, flowers, and souls. This trip is shrouded with the conviction that there be gods and fairies in the Valley of the Flowers.

Dodital Trek

The 5-day, 54 km long easy walk will treat you to breathtaking landscapes, with a sense of mystery. One crosses the 13,610-foot height on Dodital Trek, which is drenched in profound legend as the spot in that Lord Shiva decapitated and revived the son (Lord Ganesha). Tours at the Ganesha Temple (believed to be home for the Lord Ganesha), the Dodital Lake, Darwa Pass, and Darwa Top are all highlights of this tour. The hike is a bird-watching sky and the Brown and Gold Himalayan Trout in Dodital Lake can also be observed. You will also find two Himalayan valleys, the Asi Ganga valley and Bhagirathi valley, luxuriant grasslands.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal is one of Uttarakhand’s easiest and greatest walking paths. This lovely hike can be accomplished within 6 days, stretched across a distance of 24 kilometers. This journey makes it suitable for beginners due to its ample options. The main feature of this hike that leads you up to an altitude of 12,000 feet is the gigantic Dayara Bugyal Trek meadow, the Baranala clear-water lake, the Bakaria top, the thickets of alpine woods, the gorgeous Harsil Mountain Village, and Gangotri Temple, flanking Bhagirathi River. It’s a typical festival by residents to honor the local deity, the Butter Festival, celebrated in August.

Khaliya Top Trek

Of course, one of the easiest to cover in four days is the Khaliya Top hike which takes you up to 13,124 feet above sea level. The fifteen miles. Khaliya Top walk in the Himalayan and Tibetan peaks from Zero Point, photography of wildlife, bird watching, and visits of the valleys in the vicinity of Khalyya Bugyal are famous. Also visible are the Himalayan Blue Sheep, locally called Bharal, barking deers, mountain antelopes, and many more unique creatures. The months of December through February are ideal for those who love the snow in the winter. Skiing on the snowy pistes is a lifetime experience. If you are seeking a summer escape, click ahead

Kuari Pass Trek

The 6-day, moderate-grade Kuari Pass trail stretches 30 kilometers away. The journey is 11,000 feet high and the reasonably easy trekking track is a great base for beginners. The hike leads you through the vibrant sceneries of Auli, the Joshimath and the Khullara Waterfalls, and the Window Sacred City. Trekking is known for its skiing pistes. One of this trek’s great attractions is the stunning view of the sacred summit of Nanda Devi at a height of 25,853 feet. The tour will take place most frequently in April-June and September-November.

Kedarkantha Trek

It’s one of Uttarakhand’s most picturesque walks. This intermediate hike, spread over 18 kilometers, is a heady Himalayan Odyssey combination. The 5-day walk will lead you to Juda Ka Talab’s lonely mountain settlement of Sankri and lastly to Kedarkantha, 12 500 meters high. This hike culminates in a spellbound 360-degree vista of the famous mountain peaks at the top. Between December, January, and February, when snow is at peaks, the greatest time to ride the Kedarkantha trek.

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