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Brock Admits He Picked A Side In Tom & Katie Split

Brock Davies is teasing whose side he and Scheana Shay took in the divorce of Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney.

Brock Davies and Scheana Shay have picked a side in the divorce of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz and think the Vanderpump Rules fans can guess who it is. Tom and Katie have been amicably working to finalize their divorce after six years of marriage. Katie made the filing back in March and shocked fans who have been used to watching the couple since season 1. In the wake of the split, Tom has already been linked to Raquel Leviss after the duo’s makeout session at Scheana’s wedding. Insiders have dished on Katie being upset with Scheana for allegedly encouraging the hookup.


Amid the rumored fallout, Brock is teasing whose side he and Scheana took in Tom and Katie’s divorce. “I prefer to be around one of them as opposed to the other,” Brock said during an appearance on the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast. “And I think if you guys follow along on my random outbursts on social media, you may have seen my one comment that was made and you can figure that out for yourself,” he added. Brock was seemingly referring to a comment he made after his wedding, where he confirmed that Katie got “disinvited” from he and Scheana’s wedding. “If you haven’t, you see which side we picked … in Season 10,” Brock noted. “There is a side. We picked one.

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Katie Was ‘Disinvited’ From Scheana and Brock’s Wedding

While Katie was “disinvited,” Tom was not and happened to hook up with someone else. Reports say Katie is convinced that Scheana is the one who put Tom and Raquel up to kissing. Katie reportedly notes Tom and Raquel’s passive personalities and doesn’t think they would agree to makeout considering their circle of friends. Tom and Raquel are both coming out of major breakups. Tom and Katie decided to divorce months after Raquel and James Kennedy called off their engagement. With the two coming out of long-term relationships and sharing the same circle of friends, their hookup further complicates things.

Katie announced the split on Instagram one week before filing for divorce. Fans have watched Katie and Tom’s love story since the show’s inception. Many were shocked when the two decided to call it quits. After 12 years of dating, fans had become accustomed to Tom and Katie always working out their differences. But when announcing the divorce, Katie credited the “different paths” they’re on that led to the split. It’s a wonder what exactly led to the longtime couple making the difficult decision.

But fans will get an inside look into the demise of Tom and Katie’s marriage in Vanderpump Rules season 10. It’ll be a major focus of the season with them being the only couple to breakup during filming. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett along with James and Raquel all confirmed their breakups at the season 9 reunion. But season 10 will see everyone but James adjusting to the single life. James wasted no time moving on with his current girlfriend Aly Lewber shortly after ending his engagement with Raquel. All the single cast members are making way for new hookups.

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