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Bryan Cranston Makes A Striking DCU Commissioner Gordon In New Fan Art


Bryan Cranston becomes James Gunn’s new DCU Commissioner Jim Gordon in new striking fan art that imagines the actor as part of the rebooted Gotham.

New fan art makes the case for the DC Universe Jim Gordon to be played by actor Bryan Cranston, in what appears to be the inevitable reboot looming for the DC franchise. Ever since director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran were appointed the co-CEOs of DC Studios, the duo has been planning a new slate of movies for the DC Universe, envisioning the next 8-10 years of movies and TV shows. Fan art about possible picks for new versions of DC characters has been rampant lately, with Breaking Bad‘s Cranston as Commissioner Gordon added to the list.


Digital artist horrific.heroics shared on Instagram his version of what Cranston could look like as the DCU Jim Gordon.

Jim Gordon needs to be great in the DCU, as he is one of the best Batman-related characters in all media. The possible choice of Gunn and Safran going after Cranston would be outstanding, as he has proven himself to be one of the best working actors in Hollywood. The art makes a compelling case for Cranston to become the DCU Jim Gordon, with the actor looking like he was ripped straight from the pages of DC Comics.

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How Can A DCU Batman Movie Work?

Robert Pattinson as Batman standing on a rooftop

There are a few ways Commissioner Gordon could be introduced in the new DCU, following J. K. Simmons’ portrayal of the character in the former DCEU. A rebooted Batman is likely part of Gunn’s DCU Justice League lineup. The character could either show up first with a supporting role in the new universe, perhaps being introduced directly whenever the Justice League reboot comes along or perhaps through a string of appearances in other heroes’ movies, like the Superman reboot, with a younger Clark Kent, that Gunn is currently writing.

Another idea for the introduction of Jim Gordon is through a Batman solo movie. If Gunn and Safran opt to go with this road, they would continue the recent trend of DC having multiple versions of Batman running at the same time. Ben Affleck’s version of the character would likely be out at this point, and probably the same could be said for Michael Keaton’s Batman DCU future. Robert Pattinson is still set to star in a The Batman sequel. A DCU Batman movie can work with a younger take on the character, same as Gunn’s Superman, that accurately adapts the comic books and does not present Bruce Wayne’s origin story. The live-action interpretations of Batman so far have mostly trended towards realism, while a DCU Batman movie would thrive by making it a full-on comic book movie — which Gunn excels in.

Bryan Cranston Is A Perfect Choice For Jim Gordon

El Camino Flashback with Walt and Jessie

Whatever road the DCU ends up taking to introduce its rebooted Batman to audiences, franchise mainstay character Jim Gordon will need to be there, and Cranston’s the perfect choice for the role. The acclaimed drama series Breaking Bad featured Cranston’s Walter White front and center. The actor’s lead role in the series showcased the incredible acting range Cranston possesses. Shades of Walter White’s transformation from a high school teacher to a drug lord could be present in a possible Cranston portrayal of DCU Jim Gordon. The Batman character has had his fair share of outbursts in the comics, which Cranston could perfectly recreate, along with his more usual collected demeanor in a new DCU version of the Commissioner.

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Source: horrific.heroics/Instagram

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