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Captain America 4’s Villain Will Destroy The Chris Evans Comparisons


Captain America: New World Order’s villain portends exciting things that can help Anthony Mackie’s Captain America break from Chris Evans’ shadow. This will be a significant film for the MCU for many reasons. While Thor: Love and Thunder was the first film to extend a character’s trilogy to a fourth film, Captain America: New World Order, the fourth Captain America film, will launch a new trilogy for Steve Roger’s successor, Sam Wilson. In addition to picking up from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it will presumably continue to expand the ongoing vibranium storyline from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and possibly the frozen Celestial quandary from Eternals.


Significantly, Captain America: New World Order is shaping up to be quite eclectic in how it may unite various disparate storylines. Harrison Ford is replacing the late William Hurt as US President Thunderbolt Ross, and other Hulk-adjacent characters are also set to appear. It’s interesting, however, to consider how Captain America: New World Order might play into the ongoing multiversal story and lead into the events of Phase 6. With the Council of Kang’s unleashed following Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, there’s a chance one of them could play a role in Captain America: New World Order, but it’s already got plenty on its plate villain-wise.

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The Leader Will Ensure Captain America 4 Is Very Different From Chris Evans’ Movies

The Leader (Marvel Comics), Thunderbolts roster and Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Captain America suit

Based on current information, The Leader, played by Tim Blake Nelson, will be the main antagonist in Captain America: New World Order – although Thunderbolt Ross, whether he becomes Red Hulk or not, is an equally viable option. While it’s exciting to finally pick up the plot point left hanging from The Incredible Hulk, the choice is unexpected. Yet, Captain America: New World Order using The Leader opens up exciting possibilities given his track record throughout the comics; he can help ensure this film stands out tonally and thematically from Chris Evans’ trilogy.

Chris Evans’ first two Captain America solo films were incredibly grounded by MCU standards. The first was a war film, and the second was a spy thriller. However, including The Leader in such a manner can allow Captain America: New World Order and Sam Wilson to differentiate himself while still remaining authentic and connected to the brand and narrative. The Leader is often a bizarre villain and can bring stranger elements to Captain America.

There are also rumors that the movie may also introduce the Serpent Society, making good on Kevin Feige’s joke from when he announced Captain America: Civil War. That would certainly amplify the film’s potential for weirdness, but they’re already in a good spot with the Leader. With his focus on gamma mutation, possible connection to the Intelligencia from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and his telepathic and telekinetic powers, The Leader could make Captain America: New World Order feel more like a comic-book movie than past Captain America films.

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The Leader Could Also Lead To A New, Weirder Falcon

Danny Ramirez as Jaoquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Leader’s inclusion in Captain America: New World Order isn’t just good for Sam Wilson’s Captain America. This will certainly continue to expand the MCU’s Super Soldier Program with the Leader’s gamma experimentation, possibly leading to new superpowered individuals. Even Sam Wilson could get a power upgrade, finally giving him Falcon’s bird telepathy powers from the comics. However, it’s actually his successor, the second Falcon, who stands to get a major upgrade from the Leader. Danny Ramirez debuted as Joaquín Torres, Sam’s friend and Air Force lieutenant, in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but in the comics, he becomes a very special and strange Falcon to support Sam.

Specifically, he’s unwillingly put through horrific experiments by the evil scientist, Dr. Karl Malus – intriguingly after getting abducted by the Serpent Society. These experiments turned Torres into a human-avian hybrid, and he even used Sam’s animal sidekick, Redwing, to complete it. This gave him wings and a psychic link to Redwing like Sam, so Torres became the new Falcon, serving alongside Sam as Captain America. As such, the Leader could instead fill in for Karl Malus. Not only would this set the stage for a unique superhero, but it would be another example of how the Leader would help Captain America: New World Order strike out on its own.

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