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Captain America’s Brutal Win Over Black Panther Has Angered Fans of Both


Captain America and Black Panther’s most recent fight angers fans of both with questionable depictions of the characters’ behavior and skills.

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Panther #13The latest fight between Captain America and Black Panther has managed to anger fans of both characters. While Steve Rogers displays unusually brutal behavior towards his old friend, T’Challa goes down without landing a blow, which is humiliating for one of Marvel’s best fighters.

Captain America and Black Panther’s relationship goes back to the days of World War II, when T’Challa’s grandfather and predecessor, Azzuri, met Steve Rogers and challenged him to a fight, which ended in the Black Panther’s favor. Since Cap awoke in the modern era, he and T’Challa have become friends and comrades in arms but, as it often happens with superheroes, Captain America and Black Panther also fought each other a few times. However, they are first and foremost fellow Avengers who have been leaders of the team on several occasions, until recently, when T’Challa’s poor handling of a Wakandian rebel group led to his ousting from the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


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In Black Panther #13, by John Ridley, Germàn Peralta, and Sebastian Cheng, the Avengers track down Black Panther’s team, which is heading to confront the terrorist group led by T’Challa’s childhood friend, Jhai. Feeling betrayed after discovering that T’Challa has been spying on the Avengers for years using a Wakandian sleeper agents network, Captain America confronts Black Panther. A fight ensues, and Steve brutally beats down Black Panther, repeatedly punching him in the face while T’Challa is defenseless. Despite his superior Vibranium technology, there is very little that Black Panther can do, and he doesn’t even land one hit on Captain America.

Captain America And Black Panther’s Latest Fight Is Their Most Controversial Ever

captain america punches black panther

This behavior is very unusual for Captain America, who usually shows mercy and respect even for his most vicious foes, let alone for one of his oldest comrades. Even when having disagreements with his fellow heroes, Captain America usually trusts their judgment and gives them a chance, having learned his Civil War lesson. It’s not just Captain America fans who have voiced their displeasure over this sequence, however. Even if T’Challa was still injured from a previous battle with the insidious villain called the Colonialist, his performance in this fight against Captain America was way below his standards. While Steve Rogers is likely the best hand-to-hand fighter in the Marvel Universe, T’Challa is not far behind him, and his superior tech could give him an edge in the right circumstances.

Regardless of how the fight ended, Marvel fans have taken to Twitter and other social media to express their displeasure at the portrayal of the two characters. The current Black Panther storyline is quite controversial, as it saw T’Challa ousted as King of Wakanda first, and then from the Avengers too. This meeting between Captain America and Black Panther has certainly added fuel to the fire, while also not settling the enduring debate about who is the best between these two top Marvel fighters.

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Black Panther #13 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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