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Cardi B And Normani Are About To Drop The Hot Vax Summer Anthem


If you need a little motivation to break out of your pandemic rut (and honestly, we don’t blame you!), Cardi B and Normani are here to hijack your sweatpants and get you down to the club, stat. Get your thirstiest outfits ready, because tonight, the queens will release their long-awaited collaboration, “Wild Side.” The cover artwork itself is already enough to get you pumped. The pair look like duel Goddesses emerging from the sea, ready to spice up our “Hot Vax Summer” playlists. Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” wishes.

On Instagram, Normani and Cardi unveiled the single’s artwork. They are literally wearing nothing except the hair on their head. Their locks snake around the very things Instagram would censor as they are laze about on top of their own tendrils. If the song is as instantly iconic as this artwork, we’re in for a wild ride; after all, the last time Cardi B hooked up with another rapper, her and Megan Thee Stallion broke records and conservatives’ brains with “WAP.”

Normani also teased a snippet of the jam. In a video, her breathy voice flutters through the song’s bridge, and while it’s just the single audio track of her voice, we can hear some cheeky use of Autotune into a melody that will be blasting out of everyone’s cars. After the success of “Motivation” in 2019, fans fully expect the new single to kick off an era leading to the former Fifth Harmony member’s debut solo album.

Cardi also hyped up the song on her Instagram Stories, urging her fans to “treat it like it’s Normani’s birthday,” and promising that we’ll see her “in a different light.” The bar is set high, but frankly, we’re happy to have any excuse to dance to these two stunningly talented musicians.

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