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Celebrity Big Brother UK Fans Reminisce On Iconic ‘David’s Dead’ Scene


Celebrity Big Brother UK fans remember an iconic scene from the show where Tiffany Pollard thinks housemate David Gest died instead of David Bowie.

Seven years have gone by, but Celebrity Big Brother fans are still reminiscing about an iconic scene between Tiffany Pollard and David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie Bowie. Tiffany and Angie competed on Celebrity Big Brother UK season 17 along with celebrities like David Gest, Gemma Collins, and friend of the Kardashians, Jonathan Cheban. Unfortunately, while on the show, Angie’s ex-husband passed away from cancer. Tiffany noticed she looked upset, so Angie confided in her and asked her not to tell anyone. However, the Flavor of Love star misunderstood when Angie told her David died and thought she meant their housemate David. As a result, Tiffany ran around the house screaming, “David’s dead.”


Celebrity Big Brother fans shared the clip on social media to celebrate the seven-year anniversary of the episode airing. TikTok user @loveofhuns shared the iconic moment captioning it, “It’s been 7 years since this iconic Celebrity Big Brother moment happened…

The video received over 200 thousand likes, and fans flooded the comments remembering the hilarious scene. “The best misunderstanding in history,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “No script writer could have done better. It was absolutely brilliant!” Other fans wondered why Angie didn’t specify that David Bowie had died, not David Gest, while some fans remembered that a few months after the episode aired, David Gest actually did pass away, which was a shock to so many Celebrity Big Brother fans.

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David Gest Was Asleep During The ‘David’s Dead’ Scene

Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant David Gest

In the clip, Tiffany finally realizes she has misunderstood Angie when other housemates go to the bedroom and find David asleep in his bed. He wakes up confused, and Tiffany first thinks Angie is playing some sick prank on her before Angie explains she was talking about her ex-husband the whole time. “David asleep under his blanket while the entire cast cries over his death,” one fan joked in the comment section. Another fan shared an emotional story that her father had passed away the same day as David Bowie, and the clip was able to make her laugh and bring her joy on such a devastating day.

Tiffany has been making reality tv fans laugh since she first arrived on Flavor of Love. It’s no surprise her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother gifted fans with the most iconic moment of the season. Tiffany has a hilarious personality, and while she can sometimes be dramatic, this is what makes fans love her so much. Luckily, she was able to laugh at herself after the episode aired and, at one point, started selling “David’s dead” t-shirts for fans who loved the scene so much. It’s heartbreaking to know David actually did pass away, but his memory stays alive with the fan-favorite Celebrity Big Brother moment.

Even though it’s been years since the episode aired, it still resonates with fans and reminds them of why they love the show so much. Tensions are high on the show, and Tiffany was likely already stressed out about being in the house, which caused her to misunderstand Angie and not think logically before reacting. Celebrity Big Brother fans are sure happy that she wasn’t thinking straight because they will never forget her “David’s dead” moment, and they can only dream that the show will present them again with something as funny as Tiffany’s reaction.

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