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Chris Evans’ Knives Out Sweater Has Competition From Dave Bautista


Rian Johnson reveals which two costumes from Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery could rival Chris Evans’ famous cable-knit sweater from the original.

Chris Evans’ infamous knit sweater has some competition in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, according to Rian Johnson. Shortly after finishing Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Johnson wrote and directed the subversive whodunnit, Knives Out, which starred Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, a master detective investigating the death of mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey. The film’s stellar ensemble cast also included the former Captain America actor as Ransom Drysdale, a spoiled trust fund playboy with a shocking dark side. However, many were more fixated on and fascinated with Evans’ famous sweater, which he wore in a pivotal scene with Ana de Armas’ Marta Cabrera.


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery premiere, Johnson was asked which costumes from the sequel could potentially rival Evans’ cable-knit sweater from the original. The writer/director revealed there are two – Dave Bautista’s skimpy bikini as well as Craig’s swimsuit. Read what Johnson said below:

I’d love to say Dave Bautista in his little bikini bottom swimming suit. Blanc has a pretty great swimsuit look that is kind of a Jacques Tati-style shirt and shorts, that’s blue striped that he wears with a yellow ascot, which I think is a damn good look.

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Can Glass Onion Top The Original Knives Out?

Dave Bautista holding a gun on a motorbike in Glass Onion

Shortly after the film’s release in 2019, Evans’ cable-knit sweater from Knives Out became something of a cultural phenomenon and the subject of various memes and fan art. Theaters even started hosting “sweaters only” showings of Knives Out, which resulted in a considerable increase in cable-knit sweater sales. Now, with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery starting its one-week limited theatrical release on November 23, it will be interesting to see if the sequel’s wardrobe choices have a similar impact.

Evans was just one member of Knives Out‘s incredible ensemble cast, and one of the primary concerns with the sequel was if it would be able to rival the original in that respect, which it arguably has. In addition to Craig reprising his role as Benoit Blanc, Knives Out 2‘s new ensemble cast consists of Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson, and Bautista. Most of the stars play guests at a murder mystery party on a private Greek island where one of the partygoers inevitably turns up dead, paving the way for Blanc to break out his eccentric investigative style once again.

With its murder mystery within a mystery murder twist, Glass Onion has a strong chance to top the original Knives Out, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Knives Out 2‘s early reactions have praised the sequel as funnier and wilder, and possibly better than the original. Plus, it’s already guaranteed to have some fun fashion. Just as Johnson has done time and time again throughout his career, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery should top what’s come before.

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