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Confirmation, Where To Stream & Everything We Know

Hulu will be reviving Futurama for an eighth season that’s comprised of 20 brand-new episodes, and the reboot is slated to premiere sometime in 2023. The Futurama reboot – officially season 8 – will be released a full decade after the critically acclaimed Futurama series finale on Comedy Central. This certainly isn’t the first time for the Emmy award-winning animated dramedy to be picked up by a different network, as Futurama originally aired on Fox, and has since ran on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and 20th Century Fox. The streaming service Hulu is the latest network to host the acclaimed animated comedic drama — 10 years after the Futurama finale.


Futurama season 7, episode 26 “Meanwhile” already set up how the Futurama reboot can begin. In Futurama‘s final episode, it was revealed that, before the show’s pilot episode, Professor Farnsworth created a time machine designed to warp reality back to that moment if it was ever activated. The Professor activates the machine, wiping everyone’s memories of subsequent events in the process, essentially restarting Futurama back to before the pilot, giving Futurama season 8 the option to basically start from scratch. For now, it’s unclear exactly how the reboot will be approached, though the episode titles Hulu released in 2022 do provide some clues.

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Futurama Season 8 News: Bender’s Reboot Return

Futurama John Dimaggio Bender

Save for the Futurama reboot being confirmed, the biggest news about the show is that Bender voice actor John DiMaggio will be returning after all. Even after Hulu’s Futurama reboot plans divided long-time viewers, audiences nonetheless supported DiMaggio’s own hashtag #BenderGate to unite against apparent plans to exclude him from the reboot. According to DiMaggio, he almost didn’t return to Futurama because he demanded higher wages for the entire cast.

Although the contract dispute has ended and DiMaggio is confirmed to return for Futurama season 8, the actor said that he didn’t get what he wanted, but did earn the respect of his peers in the process — suggesting the fight may not be over, “I didn’t get more money. But what I did get was a lot of respect, and a lot of head nods from people who are like, ‘Yo bro, I see you and thank you” (via Slashfilm).

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Futurama Season 8 Release Window

Amy in Futurama lying in bed sick with skin blemishes and an annoyed look on her face

Futurama season 8 is yet to be assigned an official release date. However, Futurama‘s Amy Wong voice actor Lauren Tom revealed on Twitter that the reboot will stream in summer 2023. It’s also unclear if Hulu will drop just the first episode, the initial 10 episodes, or the full 20-episode season upon release.

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Futurama Season 8 Cast


The entire Planet Express crew will be back to reprise their roles throughout Futurama season 8’s new episodes. After John DiMaggio, Hulu, and Fox finally resolved their contract issues and put an end to #BenderGate, DiMaggio’s Bender is back in the crew. Joining DiMaggio in the Futurama revival are Billy West (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg), Katey Sagal (Leela), Tress MacNeille (Leela’s Mom, Linda, Nerdbot), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong), and Maurice LaMarche (Calculon, Kif, Morbo).

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Futurama Season 8 Story Details

Futurama reboot episodes professor

Apart from how the series finale ended, the only real hints about Futurama season 8’s story are the titles of the first 10 episodes. In order, these are: “The Impossible Stream,” “Rage Against The Vaccine,” “Zapp Gets Cancelled,” “The Prince And The Product,” “Related To Items You’ve Viewed,” “Kip Gets Knocked Up A Notch,” “How The West Was 1010001,” “I Know What You Did Last Xmas”, “Parasites Regained,” and “All The Way Down.” It seems viewers can expect more of Futurama‘s genre-bending episodes in the near future. As for the last 10 episodes in the Futurama reboot, their titles are yet to be revealed.

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