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Daredevil’s Most Important Ally Just Got A Super-Powered Upgrade


Daredevil’s best friend Foggy Nelson has always been a character on the sidelines but his new powers put him right in the action alongside Matt.

Contains spoilers for Daredevil (2022) #5!Despite being a street level hero, Daredevil has a long list of super powered allies that span from the Avengers to the Fantastic Four. However, the one most significant to Matt Murdock has always been his best friend Foggy Nelson, and he just became even more important to his superhero life.

Daredevil and Foggy are known to be best friends and co-heads of their own law firm. Although Matt’s vigilante career often troubles his relationships and prevents him from committing to his day job, he can rely on Foggy to support him and help him soldier through his professional life after countless nights of fighting criminals. Foggy is in fact so important to Matt that when Daredevil temporarily regained his eyesight, he decided to spend his limited time seeing his best friend for the first time. And although Foggy has never been completely helpless against villains and their schemes, he’s never seen fighting alongside superheroes. However, his recent power-up may change that in the near future.


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In Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s 2022 run on Daredevil, Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios have married and become king and queen of the Fist, an organization formed to combat the evil ninja clan known as the Hand. The Fist, as of Daredevil #5, consists of Doc Samson, Stick, Cole North, and various fighters and assassins recruited by Elektra. Foggy Nelson, however, is the group’s odd one out as he possesses no powers or combat skills, but insists on joining Matt anyway. And while his usefulness is questioned by others, Matt assures them that Foggy’s knack for getting him out of trouble will come in handy. Matt even ensures his friend’s safety and value by granting him powers.

Foggy Nelson Gets Superpowers

Foggy Nelson powers

In the wake of the mystical ceremony that granted Matt and Elektra leadership of the Fist (which involved fighting the Hand’s zombified soldiers), every member of the organization was gifted superhuman abilities including strength, speed, and agility. Even Foggy was given these powers. He reacts to his new abilities in Daredevil #5, where he’s seen casually leaping down from the top of a tower and embracing his role as a member of Daredevil’s army. This of course is a huge development for the character as his importance to the Marvel Universe, mainly to its street level domain, has been dictated by his expertise in law and his friendship with Matt Murdock. Now, he has the potential to become a much more significant figure by standing alongside the likes of Daredevil in battle.

While Foggy’s powers are treated like an upgrade, it is possible that this could negatively impact him and his relationship with Daredevil. Matt has always strived to keep his lawyer and superhero lives separate. One of the key factors in balancing his two lives was his reliance on Foggy to be both a law practitioner who assists with Matt’s legal career, and a friend who helps patch up Daredevil both physically and emotionally. Foggy is an anchor to Matt’s humanity and with the latter’s death having been faked to the public, he’ll need to retain what’s left of his old life in order to maintain his humanity. Matt knows how much power can corrupt individuals and he’s suddenly found himself with a lot of it. Knowing this, he’s brought his best friend to keep him on the straight and narrow but Foggy Nelson’s newfound power may corrupt him just as Daredevil worried that it might do the same to him.

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