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De-influencing Is the Latest Trend on TikTok

Most social media trends are harmless fun — they encourage users to learn choreographed dances, show off fashionable outfits, or test out new filters available on the apps. But jumping on this latest social media trend can do more than entertain your followers. It can save you money. 

The latest trend is called “de-influencing.” Users on TikTok are urging their followers to stop copying the consumption habits of the app’s hottest influencers. 

Filling up your online shopping cart with all of the “must-have” products they recommend will eventually push you to spend beyond your means if you haven’t already. Doing this could lead you to put your checking account into overdraft or miss your bill payments. 

At the very least, spending like an influencer can force you to spend all of your savings, which will make it impossible for you to afford any unexpected expense that comes your way. You’d have to look into an alternative payment option to handle a financial emergency. You could go to a website like CreditFresh to see whether you’re qualified to apply for a personal line of credit loan. You might be eligible to apply. With an approved line of credit loan, you could cover an urgent expense in a short amount of time and then follow a repayment plan afterward. 

You can avoid this stressful situation by getting your finances in better shape. And the quickest way to do that is to join the de-influencing trend. 

How to Join in the De-Influencing Trend

Get Inspired

Start by looking up the hashtag #deinfluencing on TikTok. You’ll find tons of videos talking about the subject, which are sure to inspire you to keep your wallet firmly closed. You can watch @michelleskidelsky’s multi-video series on de influencing things you do not need to get some great examples of what you shouldn’t buy. These videos include popular diet supplements, clothing items and collectibles. 

Stop Treating Shopping as a Hobby

Influencers consistently make videos where they visit stores and show off product hauls to their viewers. They make shopping seem like such a fun and exciting hobby.

Shopping should never be seen as a regular hobby. Shopping should be a means to get the items that you need and, occasionally, what you want. It’s not financially sustainable to keep spending your money on non-essentials regularly.

Remember. Influencers aren’t shopping as a hobby, either. It’s their job. They film shopping trips and hauls as part of their content. These products are often discounted or given to them for free. Many brands openly admit to gifting influencers luxury products for unboxing videos as a form of social media marketing. You will spend more on these items than they will. 

Don’t Be a Collector

When you’re scrolling through your feed, you’ll see influencers with incredible collections of high-end makeup, designer shoes, and expensive tech. If you hope to save money, you must stop following suit. You’ll spend less when you shrink your expectations and keep your collections small.  

Hit Unfollow

If you’re feeling pressure to keep up with the Joneses, unfollowing these influencers on TikTok might be a good idea. Get them off your feed. If you keep scrolling past this type of content, you can click “not interested” to help the algorithm match your de-influencing needs. And if that doesn’t work, you might need a social media detox for a little bit. 

De-influencing is a trend you should consider joining. It could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

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