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Dead City Synopsis Teases Maggie & Negan Spinoff Plot


The Walking Dead: Dead City new official synopsis teases the plot of the Maggie & Negan spinoff, revealing the dangers of a post-apocalyptic New York.

The official synopsis for The Walking Dead spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, previews the dangers Maggie and Negan will face during their new mission in Manhattan. The Walking Dead: Dead City continues the story of ex-mortal enemies Maggie and Negan after the duo came to an understanding and made peace in The Walking Dead’s series finale. Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan return as their The Walking Dead characters for a new adventure when The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on April.


AMC has unveiled the official synopsis for the Maggie and Negan spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City. When audiences watch the first new The Walking Dead spinoff of 2023, they’ll be seeing an older version of Maggie and Negan, as the synopsis confirms The Walking Dead: Dead City takes place years after the main show’s finale. Maggie and Negan will be on a dangerous journey through a Manhattan that’s been isolated since the start of the zombie apocalypse. The duo faces new threats such as an encounter with a notorious killer, while also dealing with personal turmoil from their shared past. Check out the full synopsis below:

Years have passed since we last saw Maggie and Negan and they must now form a tenuous alliance in order to accomplish a dangerous mission. Maggie and Negan journey to the island of Manhattan, which, having been isolated since the beginning of the walker apocalypse, has developed its own unique threats.

While in the city, Maggie and Negan encounter native New Yorkers, evade a marshal with a troubled past, and hunt down a notorious killer. But as the pair moves deeper into the gritty depths of the walker-infested city, it becomes apparent that the traumas of their tumultuous past may prove just as great a threat as the dangers of the present.

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What To Expect From The Walking Dead: Dead City

Maggie and Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City fan poster backdropped by a flaming cityscape

Maggie spent most of her time after The Walking Dead’s season 7 premiere trying to kill Negan for her husband, fan-favorite character Glenn’s murder. The ending of The Walking Dead presented the characters with an opportunity to bury that hatchet once and for all. Before that, early on in The Walking Dead’s last season, Maggie managed to forgive Negan by showing him she trusted the ex-leader of the Saviors. That trust kept building until the series finale, when Maggie and Negan had a long awaited heart-to-heart that set things clear between the two and put in motion their new joint-spinoff – The Walking Dead: Dead City.

The story of The Walking Dead: Dead City takes place years after Maggie and Negan resolved their problems in The Walking Dead’s series finale. The new show takes the duo on a still to-be-revealed mission through the island of Manhattan. This will be the first time that audiences get to see what a walker-infested New York looks like in The Walking Dead universe, with details from the show pointing to survivors leaving the streets behind, in favor of traversing the Big Apple through a series of zip-lines on top of buildings. This new traversal feature and the novelty of getting to explore an iconic real world setting should provide The Walking Dead: Dead City with a boost of interest from old and new fans of the zombie franchise.

The Walking Dead: Dead City introduces new characters to the universe, as Negan and Maggie get deeper into the secrets New York holds. One of those characters will be Perlie Armstrong, portrayed by Gaius Charles (Grey’s Anatomy). Perlie is a devoted family man who is ruthless in his pursuit of justice and building a safe world for his family. Promotional images from The Walking Dead: Dead City tease that The Walking Dead’s Negan redemption might have suffered some during the years that separate the spinoff from the main show, as Maggie and Negan appear to butt heads again in the new series, with one image showing Maggie menacingly holding a knife to Negan’s throat. Audiences will learn where exactly Maggie and Negan stand when The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on April.

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