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Disney Dreamlight Valley: 10 Wackiest Character Customizations


When Gameloft released the popular simulation-adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley on August 23, 2022, gamers were immediately enchanted by the vast among of character customizations at their disposal. With 15 different categories to tailor the specific look of a player’s avatar to resemble their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, there’s no shortage of cool, crazy, and absurdly outlandish fashion styles and accessories to choose from.

Whether shoes, hairstyles, backpacks, gloves, glasses or pants, shirts, gowns, skirts, full-fledged costume options, and more, the weirdest and wackiest character customizations in Disney Dreamlight Valley tend to be loud, colorful, ostentatious, and highly imaginative.


Candy-Encrusted Pigtails

Vanellope's hairstyle is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While there are plenty of over-the-top hairstyles to choose from in the popular life simulator, including feathery prince cuts and ornately braided princess styles, nothing tops the gaudy, bright candy-coated Vanellope Candy-Encrusted Pigtail hairstyle patterned after the beloved Ralph Breaks the Internet sequel.

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Between the huge two-toned pom-pom buns that almost resemble chocolate and vanilla swirls and the protruding peppermint lollipop and assorted rainbow-colored jellybeans that stud the top and sides of the hairstyle, the Vanellope pigtails are not only much busier than most hairstyles, but it also perfectly encapsulates the character’s own sugar-spiked mania.

Gold & Silver Jeweled Frames

Gold glass frames are seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The beloved life simulator game available on Steam offers plenty of bizarre eyewear options, be it the cool cyberpunk goggles or odd-looking visors glasses. But when it comes to the most garishly dubious of the lot, the Gold and Silver Jeweled Frames are as wild as they come. In fact, they don’t even appear to feature lenses.

A sharp futuristic-looking piece of eyewear, the three options include Gold and Blue, Gold and Purple, or Silver and Blue Jeweled Frames, which replace lenses with a colorful gemstone at the corners of the frames. Not only are the most original eyewear in the game, but the glasses are also literally devoid of magnifying lenses, indicating may be tailored for fashion rather than function.

Candy Racer Helmet

The Candy Racer Helmet is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With plenty of headgear options that include colorful turbans, chef hats, headscarves, bandanas, and the like, there’s only one racing helmet available in the game. Beyond its rarity and uniqueness, the Candy Racer Helmet from the Sugar Rush arcade game in Ralph Breaks the Internet is as colorfully quirky as it gets.

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While every other hat and headgear customization exposes the character’s face, the Candy Racer Helmet shrouds their visage entirely through its opaque maroon visor, which pairs nicely with the white helmet and pink and turquoise highlights. All things considered, the Candy Racer Helmet is one of the most memorably idiosyncratic customizations in the game.

Golden Dagger Sharp Nails

Golden Dagger Sharp Nails are seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While the Fancy Jeweled Gloves and “Frosty Finery” Gloves are elegant as they come in the stellar Disney princess video game, in terms of sheer nuttiness, no option tops the Golden Dagger Sharp Nails, which literally allow players to walk around with deadly weapons attached to their fingertips. Between the sharp nails and shiny gold dagger rings, the fresh fashion and ferocious function of the customization are second to none.

What’s even wackier is there is no other fingernail option in the game, including color customization. Sporting black fingernails are pretty edgy if nothing else, but the fact that the option in the Glove category resembles a bedazzled polar bear claw is as weird and wild as it gets.

Blue Bold Print Coat & Funky Blue Dress Pants

A Bold Blue Jacket is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While the strange white Sprout Boot Jersey is worth mentioning, the snazzy eyesore known as the Blue Bold Print Coat is too catchy to omit. With a purple option as well, anyone who chooses to sport the turquoise blazer dotted with pink balloons that resemble a peacock’s frilly plumage is nothing if not brazenly confident. Pair them with the Funky Blue Dress Pants players who wear the outfit will be the talk of the town.

Indeed, the fact the game designers put “Bold” and “Funky” in the description of the customizable wardrobe option is quite telling, as connotes a strikingly vivid appearance as well as fearlessness in those who are brave enough to wear it in public. In a collection of fairly uninspired coats, jackets, and hoodies, the Bold & Funky Blue ensemble is a silly sartorial delight.

Candy Laden Skirt

A candy skirt is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Perfectly paired with Vanellope’s colorful candy-strewn hairstyle in the critically-acclaimed Disney video game, the lack of inspired skirt options in the game is more than atoned for with the three wildly outlandish Candy Laden Skirt choices, which come in pink, purple, and turquoise. With melted ice cream adorning the waistline of the skirt, the beaded jellybeans on the bottom of the skirt are irresistible to consume in the game.

Like Vanellope’s hairstyle, the Candy Laden Skirts perfectly embody the character’s madcap energy and eccentric childlike behavior. Moreover, compared to the limited and basic Pleated and Jean Skirt options, the Candy Laden Skirt option couldn’t be loonier or more laughable.

Shimmering Scaled Pants

Shimmering Leggings are shown on Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although Holographic Leggings are pretty out there, when it comes to the silliest and most amusing customizable pants options, it’s hard to avoid the aqueous Little Mermaid-inspired Shimmering Green and Shimmering Pink Scaled Pants. For Disney/Pixar and Animal Crossing characters that always wanted to sport the casual Instagram fashion trend, their wishes have been granted.

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The Shimmering Scaled Pants literally glimmer and glitter in the light, making them one of the most blindingly distracting customizable wardrobe options the game has to offer. While some may opt for camouflage pants to blend in, the Shimmering Scaled Pants will make them stand out and stun the crowd like Ariel.

“Scarer Sulley” Slippers

Sulley Slippers are shown on Disney Dreamlight Valley

With plenty of eccentric footwear to choose from in the game, none are more extreme or playfully amusing than the “Scarer Sulley” Slippers of Monsters Inc. fame. The silly turquoise and purple slippers feature three white front claws sure to embolden any player brave enough to strap them on.

Even zanier, players can scare friends by playing monstrous practical jokes while wearing the slippers. It’s a great homage to one of the most far-out and fantastical Disney/Pixar characters on the record, which is the primary hallmark of the game’s mass appeal.

Ita Bag Backpack

The Ita Bag is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Although the comically-clownish CDA Contamination Pack almost made the grade, when it comes to the wackiest backpacks in the superb Disney/Pixar video game, it’s hard to beat the Ita Bag customization. With pink, purple, and turquoise options, the Ita Bag has a diaphanous display in front which enables players to add whatever they want and tailor it to their exact specifications.

Like a colorful and decadent birthday cake come to life, the Ita Bag can be adorned with chocolate, strawberries, stars, hearts, tiaras, butterflies, bows, and a giant licorice straw jutting from the top to create one of the loudest and most delectable-looking wardrobe customizations possible.

Floral Jumpsuit

A floral suit is seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In addition to various wardrobe components, entire costumes are customizable in the game. With due deference to the gaudy Golden Showman Tuxedo, the Floral Jumpsuits are the cream of the crop when it comes to the loopiest and most bonkers costume customization.

With green, blue, and purple options, the Floral Jumpsuits are both casual and dazzling at once, allowing players to be as loose and goofy as possible despite the scenario. It’s a shame that the princess gowns, while extremely intricate and sophisticated, don’t have the same far-out sartorial design as the Floral Jumpsuits do.

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