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EA Wants Its Iron Man Game To Be Different From Other Marvel Titles


EA Motive’s general manager has revealed in an interview the studio’s aim to set its upcoming Iron Man game apart from other recent Marvel titles.

EA Motive’s general manager has spoken about how he wants the upcoming Iron Man game to set itself apart from other superhero titles on the market in a recent interview. There has been a resurgence in superhero-led AAA games from Marvel in recent years – following a previous focus on mobile games – from acclaimed titles such as Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and Eidos-Montreal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to Crystal Dynamics’ less warmly received live-service title, Marvel’s Avengers​​​​​​.


EA and Marvel Entertainment announced that Motive Studio, the team behind the Dead Space remake, is creating an Iron Man game in September. The announcement revealed that the upcoming Iron Man title is being led by Olivier Proulx, the producer of the recent Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, and would be a single-player, third-person, action-adventure that will feature an original narrative outside the comics or movie continuities – similar to other narrative-heavy Marvel games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man​​​​​​.

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In a recent interview with Eurogamer (via The Gamer), EA Motive’s general manager, Patrick Klaus, spoke about the state of the upcoming Iron Man title. Klaus is clearly passionate about the project – which is still currently in pre-production – referring to it as “the opportunity of a lifetime” and reiterated that it would be telling a completely new Iron Man Marvel game narrative with “compelling storytelling“. Klaus then went on to talk about the studio’s vision for how the game will play, stating that it “needs to have innovation… and have differentiators from some of these other Marvel games or existing action RPG games“, with the studio wanting players to avoid comparison with what’s already on the market, instead opting for a fresh, new experience.

RPG Elements Are Perfect For Tony Stark’s Iron Man

Klaus’ mention of action RPG titles indicates that players will get to experience Tony Stark’s technological genius as well as Iron Man’s combat skills, with the billionaire playboy philanthropist effective both in and out of his armor. One of Stark’s main traits is his constant tinkering with his inventions so from a gameplay perspective there is the opportunity for more customization in Iron Man than in Batman: Arkham or Marvel’s Spider-Man, despite the array of gadgets available in those titles. Something that could set Iron Man apart from other superhero titles would be full suit customization, with players assembling and upgrading their own suits using items acquired across the game, allowing them to either recreate iconic suits from the character’s comics or other media, or create their own unique designs to complement their preferred play style.

While fans will likely have to wait quite some time to see exactly how EA Motive’s Iron Man differentiates from the other superhero titles on the market, Klaus’ enthusiasm for the character is certainly a strong indicator that the character is in good hands. Until then, Marvel fans have much to look forward to with numerous titles being released over the coming years, including Insomniac’s sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man and the developer’s darker take on the Marvel Universe in Marvel’s Wolverine, as well as Skydance New Media’s WW2-set Captain America and Black Panther game.

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Sources: Eurogamer (via The Gamer)


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