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Every Cross Pack Milestone in the Sims 4


Sims 4 includes milestones for previous expansion and game packs. Players can earn credit in Copperdale, Sulani, Granite Falls, and more.

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The Sims 4 Growing Together update contains milestones for many past expansions and game packs. This gives players incentives to explore other worlds instead of just being isolated in San Sequoia. Accomplishing this will make a Sim more of a world traveler who chronicles many different life adventures.

These cross-pack milestones are mainly a side activity. While individual Sims may suddenly autonomously gain a desire to complete another pack’s milestone, there is no Simoleon reward or aspiration point bonus. One should also not feel obligated to purchase additional expansion or game packs for The Sims 4 beyond what they already own. EA Play subscribers are also given Get to Work and Toddler Stuff for free.

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All Expansion Pack Milestones

Every Cross Pack Milestone in the Sims 4

A Sims 4 expansion packs typically contain a new world or prominent gameplay feature. Completing the new milestones may involve switching careers, aging to different life stages, or moving entirely. Several tasks are mutually exclusive to a single Sim, but other family members can take the alternate option.




Be Abducted by Aliens

During the evening, allow the Sim to autonomously investigate “Weird Light” until they are abducted.

Get to Work

Arrive at Sixam

Build and use a Wormhole Generator as a high-level Scientist until it takes them to a hidden world called Sixam.

Get to Work

Adopt a Pet

Use “Hire a Service” on a Sim’s phone to adopt a cat or dog

Cats and Dogs

Win the Lottery

During a lottery holiday calendar event, enter and win the grand prize. All unplayed Sims will automatically buy a ticket


Have a Pristine Reputation

Max out the reputation meter by performing kind deeds

Get Famous

Have an Atrocious Reputation

Max out the reputation meter by being mean to Sims

Get Famous

Be a Five-Star Celebrity

Use actions that give +Fame until reaching the highest max level

Get Famous

Become a Mermaid

Eat Mermaid Kelp found by fishing or diving around Sulani

Island Living

Earn a University Degree

Earn any of the 13 Sims 4 career degrees offered by Britechester University or Foxbury Institute. There are separate milestone badges for each degree type.

Discover University

Reach the Summit of Mount Komorebi

Master the climbing skill and survive the Mount Komorebi climb social event.

Snowy Escape

Get Smacked by Agnes Crumplebottom

Perform romantic actions in the presence of Agnes Crumplebottom until she attacks the Sim with her purse. Note that Agnes will lose this interaction if she ever joins a player household.

Cottage Living

Win the Village Fair

Get first place in a Village Fair contest by entering high-quality animals, large crops, or excellent pies.

Cottage Living

Begin Puberty

Rewarded when a teen Sim randomly gains acne or body hair the following day; some Sims may enter adulthood while skipping puberty entirely.

High School Years

Prom Royalty

Be voted Prom King or Queen. Friends attending a prom in The Sims 4 will typically vote for player Sims, and additional Teen housemates can cast votes.

High School Years

Expelled from High School

Have an F grade from missing homework, detention, and pranks until finally being dismissed.

High School Years

High School Drop Out

Purposely drop out of high school using a phone or computer

High School Years

High School Graduate

Age up to young adult while staying in school with an A-D grade

High School Years

All Game and Stuff Pack Milestones

Every Cross Pack Milestone in the Sims 4

Compared to expansions, game packs each bring a smaller gameplay concept to the Sims 4. Not all of them include a new Sims 4 map or location. Some of these milestones can be finished by meeting the target Sims in public places instead of their home city. But, as seen in Aveline’s Youtube video, some of these tasks can be fatal if failed.





Explore the bramble bush in Granite Falls Forest (or its old lot if edited). Select Go Through Web, Sally Forth, and Travel Towards the Sim

Outdoor Retreat

Become a Vampire

Be turned into a vampire by becoming friends with an existing vampire. Rank two-player vampires can also transform others into vampires against their will.


Child Phases

As a child, randomly go through a Picky Eater, Loud, I’m a Bear, or Clingy phase.


Clear Omiscan Temple

Explore a large temple, avoid deadly traps, and collect the main glowing treasure deep inside.

Jungle Adventure

Become Possessed

Visit Strangerville and eat the bizarre fruit around town to activate the Possessed moodlet; vampires will also gain this if they drink the plasma of an infected Sim.


Defeat the Mother Plant

Reach the bottom floor of the Strangerville secret laboratory by gaining keycards from NPC Scientists – through charisma, theft, or fighting. Bring at least four Sims and fight the Mother Plant using attack and defense interactions; fewer than four members will instantly kill the group of Sims.


Become a Spellcaster

Complete the Rite of Ascension quest from any of the three Sims 4 Sages. This involves picking up several Magical Motes around The Magic Realm.

Realm of Magic

Become a Werewolf

Receive a Cursed Bite from a friendly werewolf


Lead a Werewolf Pack

Join a werewolf allegiance by speaking to Rory Oaklow or Kristopher Volkov – or generated NPCs if the two have died. Move up the ranks until given a chance to challenge the leader at the sparring grounds. There is a separate milestone for each of the two allegiances.


Defeat Greg

Beat Greggorius Lunvik in a fight while both Sims are in werewolf form. Like most NPCs, this cannot be achieved if Greg has joined a Sims 4 player household or died.


Survive a Haunted House

Give a residential lot the Heroic Haunted House trait in build mode. Then have a Sim spend 24 hours there without leaving.


While these are the first batch of cross-pack milestones, there will likely be more in future Sims 4 updates. Many packs have some degree of merged functionality – like celebrity high schoolers or the vampire vs. werewolf rivalry. It would make perfect sense for Maxis to add new milestones that fit the next expansion, game, or stuff pack.

Source: YouTube/Aveline

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