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Every Hogwarts Legacy Professor, Ranked Least To Most Interesting


As a fresh fifth-year, players will meet an array of unique professors in Hogwarts Legacy, but some prove to be more captivating than others. By attending class, completing assignments, and asking questions about their past, students can develop a better understanding of their teaching styles and backstories. These factors can ultimately help determine which professors are the best, and which conversely leave something to be desired.

Although Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black is technically a part of Hogwarts’ staff, he doesn’t explicitly teach any classes, which excludes him from the list of Hogwarts Legacy professors. The few interactions that players share with him are more than enough to determine that he’s conceited, selfish, and entirely dislikable, anyway. So even though Phineas Black is related to Sirius Black, a beloved Harry Potter character, this doesn’t save his reputation from being the school’s least popular Headmaster of all time and ranking below Hogwarts Legacy‘s best and worst professors alike.

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11 #11 – Professor Binns Makes History Boring In Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Binns as a ghost, looking sleepy as he teaches a class in Hogwarts Legacy.

Staying true to his persona in the Harry Potter series, History of Magic Professor Cuthbert Binns is the most uninteresting professor in Hogwarts Legacy. His lessons are so dull that they put the class to sleep, and as a well-intentioned note from Professor Ronen describes, the test material is so trivial that it brings students to tears.

Despite kind suggestions from his colleagues, Professor Binns makes no effort to improve his painfully monotonous teaching style. Not even his death, which took place of natural causes during a peaceful slumber, can make him any less boring as a ghost in Hogwarts Legacy.

10 #10 – Professor Howin Lacks Depth In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy's Professor Howin, looking distraught as she speaks to the student in an outdoors setting.

Professor Bai Howin is in charge of Beasts class, but despite teaching one of the most fascinating subjects at Hogwarts, she comes across as a somewhat flat character. She can share a mildly entertaining anecdote about encountering an Occamy, but apart from this one-off story, not much else is known about this professor in Hogwarts Legacy.

Plus, even though Poppy Sweeting claims that the two don’t see eye to eye, the nature of their disagreements is never explored – which is a shame, considering such conflict could have easily made her a bit more memorable. Compared to the much more distinct and lovable half-giant Hagrid from Harry Potter, Professor Howin fails to impress.

9 #9 – Professor Shah Is Overly Serious In Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Shah looking down upon a Hufflepuff and Slytherin student with her arms crossed in Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s clear that Astronomy Professor Satyavati Shah is dedicated to her studies, but her high-intensity style of teaching can make her a bit overwhelming to interact with. Those who eventually want to find all astronomy tables in Hogwarts Legacy will quickly have to acclimatize to her stern approach though, as in their first lesson, she’ll make the class endure frigid temperatures to study the starry night sky, actively dismissing their shivers and complaints.

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That being said, Professor Shah has a refreshing backstory that might warm the hearts of some players in the end. She decided to study Astronomy not for any noble academic purpose, but rather to have something in common with her sister, who was born a Squib and was unable to attend Hogwarts.

8 #8 – Madam Kogawa Is A Virtuous Hogwarts Legacy Professor

Madam Kogawa during the Flying Class main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Madam Chiyo Kogawa, who teaches Flying, is another Hogwarts Legacy professor who has a stern style of instructing. This attitude is justified for such a dangerous class (especially after an injury that prompted Headmaster Black to cancel the Quidditch season), but it may prevent some players from realizing the true depth and strength of her character.

Similar to Hogwarts Legacy‘s transfer students, Madam Kogawa will happily share some stories from her former home. One such tale describes how she sacrificed a potential position on the Japanese Quidditch team, the Toyohashi Tengu, in order to maintain a sense of honesty, even though the situation was out of her control.

7 #7 – Professor Weasley Has Connections In Hogwarts Legacy

A close-up of Professor Matilda Weasley from Hogwarts Legacy against a dark background.

Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration Professor Matilda Weasley is one of the first faces that greet the player when they arrive at the school, and it’s for good reason. She’s one of the most approachable and helpful professors in Hogwarts Legacy, providing them with the Field Guide, Room of Requirement, and one of the game’s most powerful spells later on, as well.

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As her name (and fiery red hair) would imply, Professor Weasley is related to Ron Weasley and the rest of the iconic family, which already makes her a standout character for those who enjoy the Harry Potter series. But her personal backstory, which involves traveling across the world as a Curse-Breaker for the Ministry of Magic, paints her as one of the most accomplished professors at Hogwarts, as well.

6 #6 – Professor Hecat Was An Unspeakable In Hogwarts Legacy

A close-up shot of Professor Hecat from Hogwarts Legacy speaking to the student.

Similarly, Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Dinah Hecat previously worked as an Unspeakable, one of the wizarding world’s most cryptic careers. As per the job’s strict requirements, she isn’t allowed to share any details about her experience, but the assertive way in which she commands the classroom as a Hogwarts Legacy professor speaks volumes about her character.

Treating everyone with respect, but still expecting the best out of them, Professor Hecat truly cares about her students and thus refuses to coddle them. Since the true role of Unspeakables in Hogwarts Legacy remains a mystery (for the most part), it can be interesting to ponder what such a strong leader may have accomplished in the Ministry of Magic’s most secretive department.

5 #5 – Professor Onai Is From Uagadou In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy's Professor Onai studying a crystal ball with two students watching close behind her.

Divination Professor Mudiwa Onai has remained on the same career path her whole life, but it’s her origins that make her one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s best professors. Players will quickly discover that she’s the mother of Natsai Onai, the friendly Gryffindor companion, but also that the two have transferred from Uagadou, the wizarding world’s largest-ever school.

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Because of this, Professor Onai has some unique abilities that most witches and wizards in the Scottish Highlands don’t. For one, she can wield magic with her bare hands, an impressive skill which is sure to spark curiosity about Uagadou in Hogwarts Legacy.

4 #4 – Professor Sharp Keeps Hogwarts Legacy Students On Their Toes

Hogwarts Legacy Potions Professor Sharp Displaying One of First Potions Players Get the Recipe For in Main Story Quest

Potions teachers have a less-than-savory reputation at the school, and Professor Aesop Sharp is no exception, but this actually works in his favor in Hogwarts Legacy. He is certainly serious about his class, but he isn’t devoid of humor either, often making dry, sarcastic remarks reminiscent of Snape from Harry Potter.

This alone distinguishes him from many of Hogwarts Legacy‘s professors, but Sharp also reveals that he was a former Auror, fighting against the forces of dark magic. In this way, he’s well-rounded both as a wizard, and as a character altogether.

3 #3 – Professor Ronen Teaches Hogwarts Legacy’s Best Classes

Professor Ronen looking at the camera with a smirk on his face in Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Abraham Ronen teaches Charms class, and thus it’s only fitting that he’s the game’s most charming character. From the moment the protagonist steps foot in his class, it’s clear that the humorous man doesn’t take himself too seriously, but that he’s still utterly dedicated to providing the best learning experience for his students.

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Although there’s a reason why Gobstones and Wizarding Chess aren’t playable, it’s thanks to Professor Ronen that players can at least enjoy Summoner’s Court. This mini-game, which he brought to Hogwarts himself, is just one of the many unconventional and entertaining ways that he engages his class, making him one of the best professors in Hogwarts Legacy.

2 #2 – Professor Garlick Has The Best Story In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy's Herbology Professor, Mirabel Garlick, looking at a plant.

Professor Mirabel Garlick, who teaches Herbology, is one of the most unique and talented Hogwarts Legacy professors that students will have the pleasure of interacting with. Not only is she kind, knowledgeable, and eloquent, but her backstory is nothing short of an inspiration.

Being born to a Muggle family, Professor Garlick was thrown into the deep end when she started attending Hogwarts, but she quickly proved her worth as one of the best herbologists that the school had ever seen. In fact, if players travel to the Trophy Room, they’ll find one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s Easter eggs that are easily missed: a “Hogwarts Herbology Award,” granted to Mirabel during her seventh year for “exemplary skill.”

1 #1 – Professor Fig Is Hogwarts Legacy’s Best Professor

Professor Fig from Hogwarts Legacy. Piles of books and a large shelf are behind him.

However, the best professor in Hogwarts Legacy is Professor Fig. As the deuteragonist of the game, he may be the most obvious choice, but this fact shouldn’t distract from his warm personality, constant reassuring wisdom, and unbreakable mental fortitude in helping the protagonist see their journey through, despite their ancient magic being the catalyst of his wife’s death.

As the player tackles this wizarding world phenomenon alongside Professor Fig, they’ll naturally get to know him quite well, and thus develop a connection they won’t experience with any other professor. He quickly grows to be one of the most meaningful characters to interact with, and the game simply wouldn’t be the same without him, cementing Professor Fig as the most interesting of all the professors in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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