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Everything You Forgot You Could Do In BOTW

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest game in the Zelda franchise by far, and in the five years since the game’s release, it’s easy to forget just how much there is to do. BOTW often receives praise for its sheer scope, and the game’s massive open world and intricate gameplay mechanics give players the freedom to have fun however they see fit. With so much to explore and very little guidance from the game itself, there are plenty of secrets and tricks to discover and rediscover in BOTW’s post-apocalyptic Hyrule with each new playthrough.


BOTW’s minimalistic tutorial and story set players off on their adventure with only the bare essentials. Exploring and interacting with the world is the only way to learn most of the game’s mechanics, leaving players to their own devices as they face foes and meet friends in every corner of BOTW’s enormous map of Hyrule. While NPCs will offer directions and helpful advice, a lot of the game’s mechanics are left for players to stumble upon themselves. Since release, BOTW has become something of a sandbox, giving players as many ways to play as they’re willing to discover by experimenting with the game’s mechanics. From in-game secrets to fan exploits and tricks, these are some of the most fun things players may have forgotten they could actually do in BOTW.

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Find An Octorok To Polish Rusty Weapons With This BOTW Trick

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Rusty Weapon Repair Octorok Fix

As players explore the ruins scattered throughout BOTW, they’ll find plenty of rusty weapons lying around. These weapons typically have low attack and durability, but if Link throws one at a Rock Octorok in the Eldin Region, they’ll launch back a freshly polished weapon with significantly improved stats. Several of these classic Zelda enemies can be found near Goron City on Death Mountain, so players will need some heat-resistant armor or elixirs before they can safely use this BOTW trick.

BOTW Secrets: Move Around With The Magnesis Glitch

Breath of the Wild BOTW Racing With Magnesis Trick Link

BOTW‘s Magnesis Rune is the source of several fun exploits, and Link can glitch Death Mountain’s minecarts into magnetic flying machines with one of the most popular. If Link has a large metallic weapon, he can also use the Magnesis Rune to steer the sail of a raft as well, allowing him to navigate without a Korok Leaf. This helpful hack makes it easy to traverse Hyrule’s waters without searching high and low for an otherwise useless item to fill Link’s inventory, though it’s not quite as fun as piloting an airborne minecart.

Breath of the Wild Link and a Cucco

Long-time Zelda fans are likely well aware that Cuccos are among the most powerful creatures in Hyrule, and BOTW allows players to use a classic Zelda Easter egg to their advantage against enemies. Ever since A Link to the Past, striking a Cucco causes these chicken-like creatures to swarm and attack Link relentlessly until he either dies or escapes into a house. However, players can toss an angry Cucco at an enemy in BOTW, turning the swarm against them instead.

Breath Of The Wild Speedrunners Break Hyrule With Hinox Curse Glitch

There are tons of massive monsters in BOTW, many of which appear as mini-bosses throughout the game’s world. Guardians, Hynoxes, Moldugas, and other monsters challenge the player’s combat skills as they explore. However, these territorial foes will also attack each other if they’re lured within range.

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This BOTW trick requires players to put their courage to the test against BOTW‘s most powerful enemies. However, it’s well worth the effort to see these big baddies battle once they finally meet. It’s a secret that many players may not even find – and it’s one they may have forgotten if they haven’t played BOTW in a long time.

Carry Fire & Ice Weapons For Environmental Resistance In BOTW

Breath of the Wild BOTW Tricks fire Shrine puzzles

The terrain of BOTW’s map is vast and varied, and players must find a way to resist heat and cold while traversing Hyrule’s more inhabitable regions. While elixirs and armor are the recommended methods of enduring BOTW’s intense weather, Link can also equip fire and ice weapons to resist cold and heat, respectively. A torch will also offer cold resistance, which players can keep lit by building campfires with wood and flint.

BOTW Horse Glitch Airborne

While players have to ride BOTW‘s horses in order to pet them, it’s possible to feed tamed horses by holding a fruit or vegetable while standing nearby. Not only will feeding a horse increase its bond with Link, but a snack of Endura Carrots will also increase its stamina for the next ride. Endura Carrots can also be used to revive horses at the Horse Fairy Fountain, but like Hyrule’s other Great Fairies, Link will have to offer up some Rupees to unlock this fountain first.

How Many Total Recipes Are In BOTW's Cookbook?

There are tons of recipes players can cook in BOTW, but the game doesn’t offer any sort of cookbook to reference. Instead, new recipes can be learned by visiting Hyrule’s many inns, stables, and shops. Posters with different recipes are displayed on the walls inside these buildings, making them well worth the visit even if Link doesn’t need to rest.

Shop On Rainy Days For Better Deals In Breath Of The Wild

Zelda BotW Weather

BOTW’s dynamic cast of NPC shopkeepers can be found traveling all throughout Hyrule, but rainy days are by far the best time to encounter them. Most NPCs will change their dialogue and behavior when it’s raining in BOTW, and these traveling merchants will offer Link discounts to make up for the weather. As such, it’s a good idea to travel along main roads on rainy days to have the best chance of finding a bargain in Breath of the Wild.

Mess With BOTW NPCs To Unlock Unique Dialogue

Dark Link scares NPCs in Breath of the Wild.

BOTW’s NPCs are often incredibly reactive, and while Link is thought of as Hyrule’s benevolent hero, there are plenty of ways for him to wreak havoc as well. Most players know that approaching an NPC without clothing equipped causes them to react accordingly, but Link can also stand on shopkeepers’ desks, startle NPCs with weapons and fire, or even terrorize Hyrule’s citizens by donning the monstrous Dark Link armor. Players have the freedom to save Hyrule however they see fit, and that doesn’t have to stop them from having some mischievous fun with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s NPCs in the meantime.

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