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February 18, 2023 Hints & Answer

Today’s Wordle answer could cause a few players to lose their long-running win streak. Here are the daily hints, and fully spoiled answer.

The February 18th Wordle is here and this one could cause some trouble for seasoned players of the game. There are a few classic Wordle tricks in play for today’s answer, including being a word that isn’t used too often in common conversation. Players have most likely heard this word before, but it is definitely not used on a normal day.

With Wordle‘s new dedicated editor, it feels as if the game has more life in it than ever. The puzzles each day have varied quite well and the game itself looks slicker. The future of Wordle is bright and that’s a good thing for puzzle fans.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (February 18th #609)

Wordle Name Large Font Small Game Board

Here are the daily hints to help out those players who just need a little push in the right direction, without fully spoiling today’s Wordle answer.

Hint 1

There is a repeated vowel in today’s answer.

Hint 2

As a verb, this word means help or benefit.

Hint 3

“He begged her to reconsider, but to no _____.”

Today’s Wordle Hints (February 18th #609)

Wordle Grid 609 February 18 Attempt

The February 18th Wordle answer is AVAIL.

A tough one with a few of the classic tricks that the game uses, for our starting Wordle word we used IRATE. This provided two vowels with ‘I’ and ‘A’, one of them being in the correct spot helped. We moved on with our second guess CHAIN which only put the ‘I’ where it was supposed to be and added a few more incorrect letters.

Our third guess for the day helped out a little more, we tried FLAIL which set up the end letter ‘L’ and put us on the right path. Truth is, AVAIL did not come so fast, we spent quite a few minutes just staring at the screen, lost and confused. Eventually, it did click though and we scored our Wordle win-in-four with AVAIL.

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