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Flash’s Speed Turns Every Injury into Literal Torture


Flash might have god-level power, but as The Flash #52 reveals, there’s a drawback that makes any injury he suffers completely excruciating.

It seems that there’s a serious drawback to the Flash’s incredible speed. The Flash #52 reveals that Barry Allen’s superpower comes with a side effect that turns every bit of damage he incurs into an agonizing experience.

As if speed wasn’t already one of the greatest powers someone could be blessed with in the DC Universe, the ability often comes with a number of fringe benefits. No matter the speedster, anyone with a connection to the Speed Force has been able to discover other applications of their powers in order to pull off even more impressive feats. From their own ‘spider-sense’ to the infinite mass punch, there are plenty of other powers that come with the territory of superspeed. It pays to have a deep understanding of scientific principles, as the Flash Family’s ‘Flash Facts’ have allowed the heroes to pull of things that would otherwise seem impossible.


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However, for all the benefits that come with speed, there are also a number of drawbacks, and one has possibly the most horrifying implications. In The Flash #52 by Van Jensen and Jesus Merino, Barry Allen has just given himself up to protect Central City from the latest evil plan of the Riddler. The villain has an army of drones surrounding the city, ready to fire upon civilians in such a large number that Flash wouldn’t be able to save them all. Barry allows the Riddler to take him prisoner and the villain plans to broadcast the hero’s execution to the entire city. Riddler straps Flash into a guillotine, and to make matters worse, he describes the torment Barry will suffer in detail. According to the Riddler, from Flash’s perspective, what should be an instant death will be a drawn-out, excruciating torture.

Flash’s Powers Make Pain So Much Worse

riddler flash kill

Obviously, Barry doesn’t get decapitated, but this raises a point about the Flash’s powers. One common speedster issues is a warped perception of time, with events seeming much slower since people like Barry are moving at such a fast rate. While a slowed perception can allow them to respond to things in an instant, it seems that there’s a nasty price to pay for such a power. Few people may be able to get their hands on the Flash, but the ones that do can make his life a living hell.

Flash moving at such a high speed means that he rarely ever comes to harm from criminals, but certain villains like the Reverse-Flash or Captain Cold have made him bleed on more than one occasion. While it doesn’t seem like much, knowing that Barry perceives his injuries slower makes them that much horrifying. For every punch or cut he receives, it’s dragged out for who knows how long, with Flash being unable to do anything about it. And despite his injuries being able to heal faster to the outside observer, there’s a chance it feels like an eternity for him. Knowing how much the Flash actually suffers puts a dark spin on what should be one of the best powers around.

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