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Forspoken’s Cutest Cats You Have To Find ASAP


Tanta’s familiars make for some precious felines in the world of Forspoken. Although all of them are cute, some are completely irresistible.

Forspoken offers adventure aplenty for its protagonist Frey, but even more importantly, it also brings a wide array of adorable cats to the table. Although open-world games often sprinkle collectible rewards across their environments to encourage exploration, items that feel like forgettable trinkets show up a little too often. Forspoken solves this with the inclusion of collectible cats in the world of Athia, making each find come with its own little burst of serotonin.


Some cats in Forspoken look like the kind found in an average household, but the game’s most intriguing felines come in the form of Tanta’s Familiars. Tanta’s Familiars appear around Tanta monuments scattered across Forspoken‘s magical open world, constructions erected to honor a powerful ruling sect of magic users. A cat found at a Tanta monument always bears a mystical twist, whether butterfly wings sprout from its back or a unicorn horn protrudes from its head. Each familiar bears its own coloration and patterning, but even more importantly, each one has its own story and personality. Although every cat is great, a select few beg players to seek them out immediately.

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Leite Is Dedicated To Forspoken’s Natural History

An image of a green cat named Leite with ram horns. Described as a natural history curator who once chased a rare insect until he got lost and had to be found by a special unit.

With mottled green fur and curling blue horns, Leite is a cat for those who like their felines in unusual colors. Although he would stand out like a sore thumb on a hardwood floor, his coloration blends in more naturally with grass and leafy plants. This camouflage could prove useful on the hunt in Forspoken, as Leite has a history in the collection of natural history. With a singular sense of focus that could make the most dedicated achievement-hunting players die of shame, Leite once chased a rare insect so far that he got completely lost. These days he can be found at the monument in the Windy Hills.

Forspoken Cats – Turn To Sana For Nutrition In Athia

An image of a black cat named Sana with a unicorn horn and flame-colored patterning. Described as a frisky cat once in charge of overseeing nutrition, who would recommend her favorite food of fresh fish to all citizens of Avoalet on its nutritional basis.

Leite’s pursuits might be largely academic, but some Tanta’s Familiars had direct impacts on the lives of Athia’s citizens. Sana is one such familiar, tasked with overseeing nutrition in Tanta Prav’s realm. With fresh fish widely available in this land, Sana’s main agenda was convincing citizens to eat more of this bounty. It’s hard not to feel for a cat so obviously promoting her own loves to the populace, and Forspoken players endeared by this history can search for Sana in the Water Garden. Flame-colored patterning makes a striking contrast to Sana’s dark fur, and a unicorn horn completes the look perfectly.

Forspoken Cat Aramak Makes Crime Scene Investigations A Cinch

An image of a pure black cat named Aramak with a unicorn horn. Described as Tanta Prav's quiet helper who would investigate evidence at crime scenes.

If any gaming fans have ever thought detective work in the Batman: Arkham games could be better with a cat at the Caped Crusader’s side, Aramak is a dream come true. Belonging to Tanta Prav in Forspoken, Aramak played her part by inconspicuously picking out evidence at crime scenes. Aramak is one of the less conspicuous of Tanta’s Familiars, distinguished from a standard black cat only by the slim horn protruding from her forehead for a look that also befits the Batman ideal. True to the spirit of mysstery, Aramak can only be found at the monument in the depths of the Untrodden Forest.

Forspoken Can Be Intense, But Not With Butterfly Cat Chini

An image of a vaguely Calico cat with butterfly wings. Described as a easygoing personal attendant and close friend to Tanta Cinta.

For those Forspoken players who find Aramak’s aura a bit too serious, Chini’s easygoing attitude is sure to be enticing. As one of Tanta Cinta’s familiars, Chini has yellow butterfly wings and flowers sprouting from her back, creating a delicately beautiful appearance.

She might have less to contribute than some of the other felines scattered across Forspoken‘s big open-world map, working as a personal assistant and doing so without any real skill, but sometimes cats are better as friends than helpers. Players looking for a forgetful but pleasant companion can search out Chini at a Tanta monument in the Cipalian Way area.

Saglan Makes For A Poor Judge In Forspoken’s Athia

An image of an orange and brown cat with a unicorn horn. Described as a judge's assistant who once took over the role of judge and had his verdicts overturned after ruling arbitrarily.

Saglan’s stately brown patterning and his tenure in the courts of Avoalet might mark him as a distinguished individual, but this particular familiar is less sincere than he appears. He took up the role of a judge exactly once, losing any chance at regaining the position by delivering verdicts entirely according to his whims. Although Saglan might not get his paws on a gavel again, he can still hold the hearts of players who seek him out in the Water Garden. Saglan is only one of wide variety of adorable cats that Forspoken has to offer, but he might be one of the most memorable.

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