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Fortnite: How to Reroll Augments

Rerolls give players more choice when picking Fortnite’s new augments. However, players will need to spend their hard-earned Gold Bars to use them.

One major drawback of Fortnite’s new reality-altering augments is the random way in which they’re selected and offered to players, but luckily players can get more variety by using rerolls. Fortnite’s augments are a set of powerful perks players can add to their characters throughout a match to boost their combat, mobility, and looting capabilities. However, despite being able to claim augments at regular intervals, players can only choose between two random augments whenever they’re made available. Rerolls can be a useful tool for strategically minded players looking to create a synergized set of perks.


Fortnite players will be prompted to select a brand-new augment for their characters every few minutes, but it’s far from guaranteed that the game’s best augments will be up for grabs. When selecting augments through the in-game menu, players also have the option to reroll, which shuffles in two new augments chosen at random. By using rerolls, players can potentially grab new augments that better fit their current weapons and gear. However, rerolls come with a cost, preventing players from continually shuffling augments to find exactly what they want.

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How And When To Reroll Fortnite’s Augments

Fortnite Player Rerolling Rushing Reload And Mechanical Archer Augments

When rerolling augments, the first reroll is free. This allows players to get a different selection at no cost, which can be tempting. Augments are more than another Fortnite gimmick, and some augments can even give players unusual and unique abilities to surprise their opponents with. However, players should keep in mind that all subsequent rerolls cost 100 Gold Bars. Gold Bars are a Fortnite currency, and although they aren’t tough to get, players should remember that they are useful for many things, including upgrading guns and buying items, and hiring NPCs as temporary squadmates.

Players can grab a maximum of four augments per match, so they can potentially spend lots of Gold Bars in a single match to reroll for augments. However, rather than scrambling all over the Fortnite island searching for Gold Bars, players should opt for a different approach. Players can first try to select mobility and scouting augments whenever they appear. These rely less on specific gear and are more useful regularly. For example, Forecast, which lets players see the next storm circle, will be much more consistently useful compared to Bow Specialist, which only boosts one specific weapon type.

Players should also keep an eye out for synergies between perks to avoid making many rerolls. For example, Mechanical Archer, which grants players a mechanical explosive bow, has excellent synergy with Bloodhound, which marks any enemies hit with a bow shot for a short duration. This allows players to mark their Fortnite opponents by hitting them with explosions, a great way to counter players looking to build their way out of trouble.

Finally, when in a squad with other Fortnite players, players should coordinate their rerolls and communicate to avoid doubling up on certain augments. For example, allowing everyone to grab their own Chug Cannon through the Chug Gunner augment is a questionable tactic, even if all of Fortnite’s augments definitely have their uses.

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