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Fruit Warriors Codes (March 2023)


Special codes in Roblox: Fruit Warriors offer players free rewards such as Tokens, Beli, and EXP boosts to earn in March 2023 as a limited time offer.

Ten new codes for March 2023 offer special, free rewards to players of the game Fruit Warriors in Roblox, ranging from XP boosts to valuable Tokens that can help those just starting their journey on the high seas. This game sees players travel across oceans and visit islands in the iconic One Piece series, leveling up their character to take on the challenges of a water-bound world. In addition, players that use these codes have a great chance to improve their character’s skills in combat throughout their adventure.


The main reason players will want to use these codes are for the Tokens and Beli, which act as an in-game currency. Tokens may be sold to the Fruit Merchant for powerful Fruits that are the centerpiece of combat in Fruit Warriors, as the name might suggest. However, Beli allows players to receive free Spins that give them a better chance to get rarer Fruits when going to this Merchant. Like other One Piece Roblox titles, players will need the best Fruits to overcome the toughest foes and Bandit bosses seen early in the game.

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Every Active Fruit Warriors Code In Roblox (March 2023)

Roblox Fruit Warriors Rookie Town Area for Players to Start in


Free Reward(s)






  • 30 minutes of 2x XP and 2x Beli


  • 1 hour of 2x XP and 2x Beli


  • 30 minutes of 2x XP
  • 2 Tokens
  • 1.5k Beli


  • 30 minutes of 2x XP and 2x Beli


  • 1 hour of 2x XP and 2x Beli
  • 5k Cash


How To Redeem Fruit Warriors Codes

Roblox Fruit Warriors Redeeming Codes Through Settings Option on Left Side of Screen

The first thing players need to do after launching the game is to go to the Settings button on the left side of the screen. From there, an option called “Type Code Here” allows players to enter the codes exactly as they appear without error to earn the free rewards. Clicking on the “Redeem” prompt after inputting a code lets players officially get their prize unless the phrase has expired.

To ensure codes aren’t expired, players are recommended to visit the Content Pioneers Studio Roblox page to ensure the phrases used are up-to-date. The developers often post about upcoming earnings similar to other codes from games like Soul War in Roblox. Following the Twitter account of Fruit Warriors or joining their Discord channel is the best way for players to check in on what codes are available, including the ones listed for March 2023 in this Roblox title.

Editors Note: The Roblox Corporation has faced multiple accusations against the company’s alleged lack of moderation and purported history of allowing the exploitation of child labor. Details on the controversies surrounding Roblox and its monetization process are being updated as new information becomes available.

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    Roblox is both a game and a game creation engine that lets players play games crafted by Roblox Corporation team members and other players while creating and sharing their own. Starting a small experiment in the 2000s, Roblox has become a more robust game and tool in the 2010s. It features a complete marketplace where players can buy and sell various items, such as developer “products,” and modify their avatar for the game. In addition, Roblox is an active service game with several users and brands participating in a similar yet different vein to Fortnite, such as film premiers and concerts. Players make most of the games developed in Roblox. Still, they continue to enjoy expansion packs from other developers, such as a recent Sega and Roblox collaboration which saw a Sonic the Hedgehog game experience developed exclusively for Roblox. 


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